Thank You Beary Much

Thanks Beary Much

Looking over the volumes of eCard selections available online, I wondered if I could do better. Certainly Thank You Beary Much has become an online classic. This gem combines heartfelt gratitude with visions of cute cuddly teddy bears. In the universe of digital eCard compositions, nothing can top it.

I gather that the best cards have a cutesy animal and a pithy saying that references the animal in a cutesy artsy style. That appears to be the pattern.

There must be more to greeting card composition that that, yes? I'm no Longfellow Deeds, but my knowledge of animals and my rhyming skillz must count for something. Let me know what you think of my work.

A breakup card:

Sorry we couldn't get along
Alpaca my stuff and move out.

An I-love-you card

You've Buffalo'd my heart

A promise of eternal love card

Give me your heart
I promise not to cheetah on you.


Thank You Beary Much
Thank You Beary Much

A Valentines Day card

I Cow-er in the corner
because I'm afraid of losing your heart.


A Father's Day card

Dear Dad,
I wrecked the car, but not on Porpoise.

A encouragement card:

Hang in there!
You are too
Shrew'd to fail.

A rejection card:

Only a Norway Rat would go out with you.

A graduation card:

Congratulations on your graduation!
Ocelot of learning you have there.

A greeting card:

I saw you at the coffee shop,
is there a
Possum-bility we could go on a date?

A long-lost friend card:

I haven't heard from you in a long time!
Whale in the world have you been?


Can you do better than Thank You Beary Much ? Dig out your thesaurus.

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Comments 4 comments

drbj profile image

drbj 6 years ago from south Florida

How about a card for someone in the hospital?

Get WHALE soon. Stop LION around. Come home; I MOOSE you.

billyaustindillon profile image

billyaustindillon 6 years ago

I had a good laugh - that FAthers Day one would have come in handy growing up for a few people I know :)

nicomp profile image

nicomp 6 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@drbj: You have a career in this field.

@billyaustindillon: You and me both!

dallas93444 profile image

dallas93444 6 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

"Catsup" in the tree.. Does not bear repeating. When Fathers are Farther away; can't "bear" the separation? Perhaps make like a "tree" and "leave." Humorous hub. Perhaps for a cheater card: Your "lion!"

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