Thank you for your presence

Some time ago
I landed this site
I made a profile
but did not write

It took me another
6 months or so
to finally start
and give it a go

The words come easy
when I’m on a roll
why I waited so long
I really don’t know

But now that I’ve started
I just can’t stop
I cannot resist
the writing of a Hub

What has triggered
this writing spree
the people in
this community

Thank you for your presence
is what I’d like to say
because of all of you
I now write every day


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tsmog profile image

tsmog 5 years ago from Escondido, CA

Your Welcome

LadyFae profile image

LadyFae 5 years ago from Under the Stars Author

And a personal thank you from me to you tsmog.

Scarface1300 profile image

Scarface1300 4 years ago

This little gem

From you to them

Brought a smile

To my face.

If like me you write

All through the night.

Then girl you have chose

The right place.

Lovely work that is thoroughly enjoyed.

LadyFae profile image

LadyFae 4 years ago from Under the Stars Author

Thank you very much for this WonderFul Compliment.


ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 3 years ago

LadyFae ! I "yunderstand" completely ! It all happened the same for me ! ....About all I do is poetry now !.......Ed

LadyFae profile image

LadyFae 3 years ago from Under the Stars Author

And might I say you do it very well!!!

Much Love

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