Thank You

I saw a road leading to a mist of the unknown

Comprehending my resolve I walk ahead alone

I didn’t feel any chills or loss of breath loneward

I just felt an urge to decant my sweetness outward

I was and will be a smile away from a thousand smiles

I have been a soul with soul, I could just go the miles

I knew my slump and my revival of sorts in vision

I could imagine the soft white beneath my frisson

I could’ve been in ashes of my own being in despair

But I choose not to see light only through dark piers

I can and may rise to recreate the being I had left behind

I would garden my blossoms within, which I forgot in grind

I saw a shadow, of glowing borders summoning me

To take this big step and soak in life in all its spree

I might just go ahead past the mist in stern buoyancy

Toward the light beyond the mist, with zeal, Thank You G

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