Reaching out .........poetry

Lonely is as lonely does
and where will you even begin
to suffer it quietly and stoically in solitude
now wouldn't that be a sin

You have so much to offer them
isn't that just what you said
Or is this the spoken words of a fool
is it all simply in your head

Go ahead
play it safe
sit there alone
let the dream die slowly in your heart

Atrophying away until there's nothing left
you have enough to do
And yet I ask only this one simple question
what about you?

I tend to be an easy ear , I have always sat and listened to people as they describe how their life is . And one of the things that I've observed most ; is to sit with someone and view their beauty , to see them for who they really are , to see how much you have to offer to others . Aren't we just being so selfish when we think only of ourselves , when we waste our time and so even our very lives away ? Don't get me wrong there is true loneliness out there and it is a serious issue .

My message , drop everything ! Run out that door , call a friend , call a date , a brother or a sister ! But join in to life and live !


Dip Mtra profile image

Dip Mtra 2 years ago from World Citizen

Beautiful. Voted up.

Ericdierker profile image

Ericdierker 2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

Delicate yet forceful. A wonderful message wrapped into delightful writing. So few words and yet such a huge truth to be spoken. Thank you for starting my day out just right.

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