The Angel with the Broken wing

The angel with the broken wing

When she was young she played with dolls

aged 19 she is entrapped in cocaine covered walls

misunderstood is what she has always been

the most beautiful girl I have ever seen

with a heart with so much love to give

her happiness is always shorlived

she will smile to you laugh with you and sing

but she is an angel with damaged wings

of course there are those who may disagree

but she means everything to me

she feels unworthy of love and cannot please

so she swallows down another pill to but her mind at ease

and wonders the streets with blackened eyes

a mere mirror of what she holds inside

nobody understands her, not even I

nobody ever listens when she cries

so with these words of madness I admit

I'm afraid to lose her, i'm afraid to quit

what do you do when all you have is broken?

and nothing can help it not even harsh words spoken

what do you say when its time to not pretend

and put this girls pain to an end

there is no helping there is no saving

the blood covered footprints she is engraving...

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Stephen Ulibarri profile image

Stephen Ulibarri 4 years ago from Albuquerque

I like this very much.

SecretsOfTheSun profile image

SecretsOfTheSun 4 years ago from Ireland

"A mere mirror of what she hold inside" - Fantastic!

PHILLYDREAMER profile image

PHILLYDREAMER 4 years ago from Lodi, New Jersey

You can choose to move on, or endure, but if she uses you as a crutch, she may never learn to stand on her own. Its a tough position to be in.

alanlsg profile image

alanlsg 4 years ago from The World

Poignant and very true no matter what you do to heal those broken wings just do it by love and practical help and hopefully she will see that someone out there cares.

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