The Answer Is Love.

I Know it's not easy

to be in your shoes

Your family has often

forbidden you views

and you've cried on my shoulder

cause things have been bad

and it hurt my heart deeply

to see you so sad,

I've seen how defeat

often caused you to hurt,

by dragging your dreams

from the stars to the dirt,.

and that freedom you seek

just keeps slipping away,

cause employment is low

and the jobs just don't pay,

I've lain awake nights

with these thoughts on my mind,

wishing for some ways

to help you unwind

but always I hear that

sweet whisper above,

"The problems aren't hopeless,

The answer is love."


Well, i can't wear your shoes,

but i can walk beside you

though i can't make your family

give back what's denied you,

But my shoulder is there to

help hide your sorrows

and my heart will be with you

a million tomorrows,

I've fought off defeat

and i'll help to fight for you,

your dreams mean as much

as the ways I adore you,

if you step forth courageously

freedom will find you,

and patience will put

unemployment behind you

I'll share some nights with you

before i must sleep.

but if my love can't help,

then remember to keep

your ears always tuned to

that whisper above,

"The problems aren't hopeless

The answer is Love.




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seasoning 7 years ago

absolutely beautiful........... i felt you were talking to me

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poetlorraine 7 years ago

Love, such a powerful emotion. So hard to find, needs to be nurtured at all times

profile image

seasoning 7 years ago

just came back to read this it is so nice, am hoping to read all your hubs

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