The Awkward Generation

Generation "Y, I'm Awkward!"

There is a generation of people, of which I belong,

That seems to have it all right but somehow all wrong,

This is the generation they call Y, but I’ll give you an explanation

As to why I call us “The Awkward Generation”

I was born in 1986, the year of the Challenger and Chernobyl,

Still a few years before everything had to start going mobile,

When my phone was still large and attached to the wall,

And there were three or four bookstores in the mall.

My generation was born on the brink of a technological boom,

Back before there was a TV in every room.

No remotes, no cordless, no PCs, no video games,

I played in imaginary worlds made straight from my brain.

Listening to my Dad read The Hobbit every night before bed,

Now I fall asleep to the TV playing games with my head,

Sometimes I look around and I am confused,

Because I can still remember when all this was new.

I remember Nintendo, Sega, and rumors of a thing called X Box,

Meanwhile, we still treasured our time playing in dirt and with rocks.

This was before they started making gloves out of socks,

And the coolest thing was being able to talk to our diary locks.

When we wanted a movie, we rented a tape from the store,

And was amazed at the magic of Pixar being born.

I remember wanting a Teddy Ruxpin so bad for Christmas one year,

And the tackiness of the early nineties began to appear.

I remember having multiple pairs of Coolots,

And there was no such thing as Crocs,

But I had a stack full of Pogs,

And would have laughed if I heard the word blog.

All I wanted was to hear the next “Captains Log”

My generation is one that is awkward and weird,

Because our past is now archaic and our futures unclear.

The world around us has inventive new levels of fear,

And dangers that make me want to keep my kids near,

So many of us are educated and motivated but broke,

Because we’ve inherited an economy that is a joke,

And we’re not so technologically illiterate that we just don’t bother,

But now I know what it feels like to be my father,

And see the I Pad in my kindergartner’s hands

And say, now what in the hell is that?

I do know, but am just so shocked to see it,

And the things my son is already learning, I just can’t believe it.

I try to imagine what sort of things he’ll use as tools,

In place of the good old days when we used paper in school,

And sharpened our pencils by cranking away

And not seeing a computer screen all day.

The wonderful sound of typewriter keys,

I would love to have at least that one back, please.

I remember not having to worry about what was in my food,

And when having not having manners was rude,

Young people and kids feel entitled these days,

Thinking someone will clean after them and just accept their ways,

Falling off curbs because they are sending text after text,

And why their pants have to be so low leaves me perplexed.

Five hundred channels, Facebook and I Phones,

I remember getting cassette tapes on loan,

When I would go to the library, my favorite place on Earth,

This was before personal computers really emerged.

And when they did come, we played Oregon Trail,

And used internet connection that was slower than snails,

And our Zach Morris cell phones weighed a ton,

And making our own mix tapes was so much fun.

I still listened to radio programs and the dying rock and roll,

I still had high hopes I would see the Raiders win a Super Bowl,

But like all great legacies, things must come to an end,

I must come to accept all of the latest trends,

And if anyone is like me, sometimes I say, why, I’m awkward!

Because sometimes I just want to go backward,

Its too hard to try to keep up with all this new stuff,

Pretending I know so the kids don’t call my bluff,

Because they would laugh if they saw us back in the day,

Because we could spend hours playing with just clay,

And there was no On Demand or touch screen or Blu Ray

And we had barely begun to dream of things being this way.

Now it’s a struggle to hold onto a little bit of the past

While trying to keep up with the world that’s moving so fast.

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wayne barrett profile image

wayne barrett 3 years ago from Clearwater Florida

I'm glad I read this. Very clever. When your son is old enough to start writing here he may also be wondering when the Raiders will win another Superbowl!

bizarrett81 profile image

bizarrett81 3 years ago from Maine Author

Sadly, I really feel that way LOL. Or maybe he will be a football player and win one himself = )

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 3 years ago from Riga, Latvia

This was a wonderful walk down memory lane. I've got quite a few years on you and I feel the same about my generation. I was always one decade behind to have the fun I wanted. Born in '57 I was too young to be a 50's teen and how I loved that generation when I got to know about it. Came the 60's and I loved hippies again much too young. Arrived the '70s and that was my fun time with high school and all. Survived the '80s and of course they brought you into this world so it was a very good decade. From the '90s on I've just been a lost drifter in this modern and too technical world. Only good thing is the PC which is my life line. Passing this on.

bizarrett81 profile image

bizarrett81 3 years ago from Maine Author

Gypsy Rose Lee I am so glad you could connect with this and you enjoyed it, and thank you for sharing! I can only imagine how it must be for generations above mine. My grandfather is 87 and a WW2 veteran, and is in awe of my touch screen phone. I wonder what carzy things the future will hold! All we can do is try to keep up, right?

bizarrett81 profile image

bizarrett81 3 years ago from Maine Author

Also, I wish I had been around to see those generations before me! The sixties and seventies would have been amazing to experience!

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 3 years ago

I enjoyed your hub and as I began to write a response to it I hit delete and so there goes all my thoughts in an instant.The downfall of technology and speed.You sometimes lose what you need.I was born in 1964 and I have seen lots of changes.Your hub took me by the hand and guided me slowly.Near the end I was resisting with all my might.I have fought change all my life.Just when I like something it changes and now it is obsolete.You mentioned so many things I remember so vividly.Great hub with awesome pictures.Thanx for sharing.

bizarrett81 profile image

bizarrett81 3 years ago from Maine Author

Oh man I know how you feel, and I can only imagine how it is for people older then me! I JUST got a smart phone finally, LOL and while I'm excited over discovering SWYPE, my peers are looking at me like, "are you okay, calm down, that's like, years old". I was resistant, clinging to my simpler, less cool technology, I guess. I guess we can only embrace and try to keep up!! I'm glad you liked this one, you're response almost played out like a poem itself! Must be just natural! Thank you for reading!

billybuc profile image

billybuc 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

Oh Elizabeth, I'm with you all the way. Hey, you are only two years older than my son. Don't get me started on the changes I have seen since's enough to depress me, and possibly you. :) Loved the poetry and the look at the way it was.

bizarrett81 profile image

bizarrett81 3 years ago from Maine Author

I can only imagine the changes you have seen! For me its bittersweet; I love the new things but still cling to the past. I simultaneously dread and anticipate the future and what it will bring... Thank you for reading, I haven't thought about this one in a while = )

FatBoyThin profile image

FatBoyThin 18 months ago from Kinneff, Scotland

I think it’s a shame, but I suppose that’s what happens to most generations - they end up feeling left behind in an ever-changing world.

bizarrett81 profile image

bizarrett81 18 months ago from Maine Author

I suppose you are right, FatBoy Thin. The older I get, the more overwhelmed I feel with the changes in the world. Thanks for reading!

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