The Baby in an Adult


Recognize The Baby in an Adult

Recognize The Baby in an Adult

It is not unusual to notice an adult behaving like a child it’s more disturbing when such adult is unaware of such behaviour.

As awkward as it may sound, this maybe the reason so many individuals adults may not reach/fulfill their potential in life because of baby things (attitude or behaviour) they exhibit. Such characters are normally not conspicuous to many only few trained eyes that observe human traits.

A child in infancy first lesson is polarized-good or bad, this continues, this polarized behaviour coined with limited intellectual capacity of a child attaches subconscious feelings or lessons to love or hate. The love tends to grow towards those that they agree with while dislike or hatred matures to people in their so called bad books.

This is still prevalent in some adults who will only speak well about people/groups in their good-books. The idea or feeling is that anybody who agrees with them loves them but ere disagreement occurs hate develops. It is termed borderline personality disorder (BPD).

BPD might be the missing link why some employees don’t perform on their jobs; it could be that they are experiencing splitting character between growing up and improving or wanting to be pampered.

There is also the identity crisis that child experience, a child thrust into an adult process very early in life would exhibit fear, uncertainty and insecurity etc. adults that have a somewhat identity crisis might display identity crisis on their jobs when given some assignments. These types of workers immediately feel insecure, are uncertain and are already for failure.

Hence, anger develops towards their supervisors and unsympathetic co-workers; empathy sets in and unproductiveness in the end result. Not even an increase in wage just to encourage him/her would matter because they already see themselves in a disadvantaged position.

As children love entertainment BDP adult would fall on entertainment to hide their shortcomings, some adults even see themselves as real movie character but never grasping the reality of their lives.

A worker with a BDP disorder would seek ways to idolize people but would be idolized themselves, they are full of uncertainty as such employers need to really dig deep into their shell to bring out the best in them.

It would take a very patient employer to study his/her staff that exhibits this traits, an advice for employers is to develop a relationship with such staff and make them believe in their abilities that have been suppressed by baby things being in them.



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