The Bard

The Bard

The bard appears a lonely soul
full of stories and tales
traveling from place to place
never calling a town his home

The bard jolly looking yet serious
sharing tales of strife and joy
recounting news from other towns
never calling a place his home

The bard though sad or gleeful
has neither regret or elation
sharing his life with strangers
calling no house his home

The bard news spreading wayfarer
traversing the land recounting tales
singing songs and making friends
calling the road his home

The bard though homeless cheerfully
journeying across the world
learning and teaching others
if they let him in their home

The bard a wandering minstrel is he
spending a lifetime spreading word
of triumph and tragedy of the lands
never really seeking his own home

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Ninja Rico 6 years ago

That's the life. He is not concerned with what we are all told is progress or success, he is free, and the world is his.

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