The Beautiful Horror of Reddit's NoSleep

Are the stories real?

Because we aren't on the subreddit itself, I feel fine saying this: no. I'm sure some of the stories, at some point, have been real or based in reality, but the vast majority as fiction. Ghosts, demons and other supernatural bad guys just don't exist. Not all of the stories are supernatural, of course, but even the realistic ones are fictional.

However, the rules of NoSleep make it clear that you cannot reference this in story comments. Everything is true - even if it's not. Part of the fun is immersing yourself into a scary story and acting like it's really happening, even when you know it isn't. Making comments about a story being impossible, fake, etc. will get you banned by the moderators.

What is NoSleep?

NoSleep is a subreddit dedicated to original horror stories. A subreddit is a community on Reddit devoted to a specific topic.

Writers post their original stories, from a first-person point of view. They all deal with the scary, thrilling and uncanny aspects of life.

There is also a NoSleep podcast, an out-of-character subreddit for writers to discuss their stories and even free eBooks!

The NoSleep logo
The NoSleep logo

Why I Love NoSleep

I absolutely love horror in all its forms: literature, movies, television, video games and anything else that's frightening. I found myself at NoSleep one day after following a link from a horror subreddit. I'm so glad I did. I found an awesome community filled with some of the best stories I've ever read. Some are pure genius, others just scary fun. There's always new stories being posted, so you can never get bored of it!

NoSleep Success Stories

Sometimes, a story on NoSleep is so good that readers beg the author to publish it as a real book. These are some books that started off as NoSleep stories and became so much more:

  • Penpal by Dathan Auerbach, beautiful stories about a bizarre and creepy childhood
  • The Story of Her Holding an Orange by Milos Bogetic, about a young man who is followed everywhere by his mother's friend

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The Story of Her Holding an Orange by Milos Bogetic
The Story of Her Holding an Orange by Milos Bogetic
The Story of Her Holding an Orange by Milos Bogetic

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Some of NoSleep's all-time top stories

Story/Series Title
Author's Username
The Afterlife Experiment
The Life in the Machine
Both my parents were surgeons and I used to talk to furniture.
Her Name was Emma

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