The Beauty of a Wife

Our Wedding Picture
Our Wedding Picture

The Beauty of a Wife

A conscious choice.
Willingness to step onto the plank that has cast her bloodied soul into shark infested waters once before,
A reaching out towards a shoulder once turned away,
A soft sweet voice,
A belief in something greater,
A tender hand lies pressed against a once frigid door.

An eye for a union once formed,
Rejuvenated by the scent of when passing eyes met,
Sustained by the cloak of love's promise warmly adorned.

A blessed uniqueness,
A touch and embrace gifted to he,
Privileged to feel,
Privileged to see,
Every moment cherished,
Encapsulated by her radiance that provides all that enables me,

Unworthy I bow,
Prone before a past known by one,
The heart of forgiveness holds up,
This cup I drinketh that cleanses,
And sees me unblemished,
Not of who I was but of who I've become.

Now aligned with true I see,
A way to move,
To honor,
To rekindle words once said to thee,
A promise of action,
And faithfulness made throughout this life,
I pray with each exhale,
Each whisper,
In each nighttime eye closing embrace you hear,
I love you,
I need you,
My sweet beautiful wife.

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