The Beginning (Chapter 1) - Athenian Insurgents, Part 1

The Beginning of the End, or Something Cliché

*beep beep*

Hnngh... just five more minutes...

*Beep beep*

Please just shut up...


Angrily, I slam my fist on top of my alarm clock, somehow managing to hit the button in the center to turn it off. I run my fingers through my bangs, propping myself up on one arm slowly. Next to me, my husband groans, wrapping his arm tighter around my waist. Who the hell wakes up at 3:10 AM? ...Me, apparently.

"Jagi, let's stay home today." He mumbles softly in to my back, snuggling up closer to me. Carefully, I turn in his arms to face him, trying to hide an amused smile.

"Tomorrow, we get to travel back to Korea, remember? Our little working vacation. We don't want to jeopardize that."

"...I might, with that little smirk on your face." He returns my expression, leaning in and kissing me softly. I withhold a laugh, drawing out the simple action for a moment.

Blindly, I reach my hand behind me to our nightstand, picking his glasses up and unfolding them, sliding them on to his face so he could see. He thanks me with a smile, gently holding on to me and sitting up, so we're both upright.

"You're visiting my sector today, right? I think my squadron is looking forward to the benefits of all the attention they're garnering." I ask him quietly, re-wrapping my knee brace around myself.

I was injured in an accident during a mission last week.

I should probably explain what I'm talking about before my little anecdote, though.

By the time this journal is found, or published, it'll probably be the future. Unless some idiot takes it back in time to try and save the world.

A quick word to the wise: Don't try to change history. It'll bite you in the butt.

Regardless, I was told by a very close friend to detail my story of the fight against the Fall.

Seven years ago, Earth was sent reeling by a series of closely related events. The first was a disease. It affected mostly children, but also some young adults. It baffled doctors because it featured a kill rate in the negatives - it only caused the patient to thrive in some manner, even though the rare disease itself appeared to hold malignant traits. It caused extreme pain in the afflicted for some time, but... after a while, it stopped completely. They found the disease was still in the body, but instead of killing it's victims (as most diseases do nowadays), it bonded to the cells in different parts of the body.

For some of the afflicted, it bonded to the cells in their limbs. For others, it bonded to the organs, and for others still, the brain. Once it bonded fully, it provided those cells where it bonded a strength un-before seen on our planet.

The public dubbed this disease, R1-29, "The Red". Under a microscope, that was it's signature colour.

As scientists began to trace the disease's origin, they became more and more apprehensive of their findings. The farthest they had followed it was Mariana's Trench in the Pacific.

When the first group of them went to explore it's depths, they were sucked inside the Trench. Their teammates on the surface lost communications, and after the diver's failed return, their back-up team began an investigative rescue mission, not realizing what had occurred.

The rescue sub re-emerged three days later, the metal sides torn to ribbons.

When the coast guard pulled it ashore, something like a shadow began to move inside the sub. Newscasters on the scene were broadcasting live to their billions of viewers back home. That was their first mistake.

Their second was not leaving while they had the chance.

The shadow burst from the sub when a rescuer got close, slicing through the man like string cheese. His blood exploded around him as his body fell apart, the physical reaction delayed from the unfaltered speed of the shadow.

In a matter of seconds, every last one of the witnesses had been offed in a similarly gruesome manner.

That shadow was the first. Now our world has millions, just like him.

He came from the Rift.

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