The Bells Always Beckon

They laughed all night

My young guests giggled the night away

they couldn't sleep so sang all night.

The bells were peeling and loud as hell.

there was one thing that sang as well

it was a frog who lived in a lake

The noise from the frog they couldn't take.

they giggled again ,it was worse than the bell.

Church Bells Ringing


WhenThey Awoke

When the two guests arose the next day

they couldn't remember so did pray.

They prayed for silence so they could sleep

and hoped that the bells would not make a peep.

When The Couple Arose

The Lizards On The Wall

They didn't bother about the lizards on the wall

they thought they were cute and they didn't crawl

the hopping frogs were something else

they gave them the creeps and made them call

for the boss of the house to move them all!

Lizard On The Wall


The Ringing Bells

The bells that rang in the morn

summoned them out to say

hello to a baby just born.

it was a baby girl with hair like corn

and eyes of a kind of grey.

the woman smiled as though to say

I'll have a baby like you one day.

The Little Frog

She pulled away as she saw the frog

she wasn't keen,preferred a dog.

The frog didn't know she felt like that

that she thought of him as if a rat.

He thought she was sweet so followed her

something then did occur

She soaked poor froggy,he didn't like that.

He hopped away and without a sound

he disappeared just like a cat.


D.A.L. profile image

D.A.L. 23 months ago from Lancashire north west England

Amusing and beautiful poetry. Loved the last two verses they made me smile. Lovely start to the day for me. Voted up,beautiful and interesting.

jandee profile image

jandee 23 months ago from Liverpool.U.K Author

Hello DAL,

made my day, liking that last little bit! It is about France so the Frogs !As there is a frog pond very close, and also a church,nobody gets any sleep with all the racket....


Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 22 months ago

A lot of clamor - unap-pealing?

jandee 22 months ago

Wow ! nice to have you drop by.

Nice sunny day here,hope you are doing plenty of cycling and keeping well. Haha ,that's a good one to write about,jand..

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