The Best Medicine For Writer's Block: how to fill your blank pages

writer's block
writer's block

My pen hasn't ran out to write more. My mind is one-track about writing but brilliantly enqiuring about everything. My imagination is an evergreen tree that bears fresh fruits of creativity. I never forget to use my God-given tools on time to emerge successfully from the darkness of writer's block. My simple love to write is prologue to a dawn of a style of writing that will invoke my name among the best. I'm hopeful and far from the gravity of hopelessness. And this is a good news!

Having pointed out the above aspiring factor of my future as a developing writer, I still know I have to cross one thousand rivers of enormous challenge to reach the other side where a paradise of rewards awaites.

Main Steps to beat Writer's Block



.Everyday Challenge

.Reading as a spark to write


Procrastination is a deadly obstacle to any proggress to anything. It sucks energy from you as a parasite or it stares at you like a tiger on the brink of bouncing and mauling your creative flesh. A lot has been written about the pros and coins of procrastination and how it may be overcome, and I'm writing about it now to take my proper place as to how to defeat writer's block.

The best cure for procrastination is starting the action no matter how minimal it is. For example, if you have a big task to do, don't think about how diffculty it is to do; grabbing the first plate in your kitchen sink for washing is the start of washing all the dishes!

Breaking your task into smaller peices works because instead of focusing on the task as unbreakable bitch, you just focus on the smaller parts it consists of and you get rid of them one by one.

Elimenating procrastination in one area of your life affects the other areas and soon you easily remove the inactive blanket you're shrouded in. If you steel yourself for writing more, writing more becomes a habit for you!

Writing is a journey but not a distination. If you think of writing as a distination, you arrive nowhere becuase writing doesn't work that way. Instead, if you paint writing as a beautiful journey you enjoy everyday, then starting one trip after another as a confident writer shows you the way to creative eternity towards good writing experiences that never run out of zest and enjoyment.

Everyday challenge to write is like everyday challenge to brush your teeth; your brushing your teeth feels so simple now becuase you have being doing it as long as you remember, and if you do the same for your writing, you may call it one day a piece of cake!

You rarely exclude reading from writing; they are twins that go together and everywhere; you write for someone to read and you never read something that has never been written. So, if you spend valuable time on reading, it gives you knowledge and can act as a wonderful spark for you to write. Explore the reading world and get some books that resonate with your area of interest; it may give you great ideas to write about!

Learning a bit more everyday about writing is prudent and can have a possitively accumulative effect on building YOU as an experienced writer, and discovering new tricks that can harvest great writing for you is an awesome tool worth attaining. So, keep writing more and enjoy your writer's cramp down the road!

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