"The Black Book Of Colors", Children's Book Review - An Eye-Opening Experience.

As a mother to two beautiful multi-ethnic toddlers, in addition to encouraging them to become acquainted with their own ethnicity, I've always felt it vital to help them appreciate the cultures, languages, and limitations of others as well.

In addition to the various heritage festivals offered in our local city, we often use literature to open up a world of cultural delights not so readily available otherwise. We happened upon one such literary gem just the other day.

While visiting our local library, we came across a children's book entitled: The Black Book Of Colors, by Menena Cottin and Rosana Faria. First published in Mexico, this ingenious and unique book, beautifully conveys how a person can only see through the use of his/her sense of touch, hearing, taste, and smell.

Every page of the book is presented on black paper with raised black line drawings, and accompanied with written text translated in Braille. Thereby, enabling the sighted person to catch a small glimpse into the world of someone who has lost their sense of sight.

Only twenty-four pages long, The Black Book Of Colors gives children and adults alike, a unique opportunity to walk in the shoes of someone who has lost their sight. A short, yet elegant book, it is the simplicity and persuasiveness to explore your other senses, that makes this book a great read.

The Black Book Of Colors; truly an eye-opening experience.

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Andres 2 years ago

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Fanny 2 years ago

Great interview, both of you, and cargnots on your first acquisitions!! I used to work as an EA at a big 6 as well and I loved it so much; it was really fun to relive the experience here! Love the bit about stalking the ones that got away because I KNOW I would do the same thing. Hell, I used to want to stalk the ones that got away from other editors that I only knew of from editorial meetings!

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