The Blackbird- messenger

Source: Nature's prime target. This is war!
Source: Nature's prime target. This is war!

The Blackbird

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

A blackbird tapped on my window today,

its eyes as yellow as piercing death

Blink less, cold and resolute,

the ceaseless drumbeat more warning

than wanting entry.

‘What, bird?’ I asked in mirth,

but its gaze hardened even more,

fixed on me, not some idle reflection.

I shooed it, my arms flailing,

but to no end, this black demon holding ground.

Its wings fluttered victorious,

a devious mind at work, an evil purpose,

nature’s messenger at my door.

I shunned it, its message lost to my glass walls,

I am the master of my castle.

The bird suddenly stopped and in the peaceful silence,

starred at me with wonder,

pondering, considering.

My shoulders gave way

and I went out to face my demon.

Its yellow eyes followed me, still blink less,

still locked with my confusion.

‘What have you to say to me, bird?’ I asked.

Its cry resounded in my head, unexpected,

echoing in my darkest recesses.

One more step I took, unafraid.

In a flurry of wings my evil friend took flight,

up and over me.

Then, a squelching sound upon my shoulder,

the message delivered in a neat marbled white.

A distant cry sounded with thanks.

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Tony DeLorger profile image

Tony DeLorger 5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia Author

Thanks guys, I'm glad you all enjoyed my offering.

fashion 5 years ago

WOW what an interesting page.

Black bird pics are so charming.

klanguedoc profile image

klanguedoc 5 years ago from Canada

There is more meaning there then meets the eye

profile image

Binaya.Ghimire 5 years ago

I'm always fascinated by your lines.

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