The Blue Girl.


The blue girl!

Her blue eyes
shed the palest of blue tears,
over cheeks that blew
semi-warm air,
into numb blue fingers,
to stay warm.

In a blue nightgown,
shivering hard as she
squatted in a frozen puddle
of blue ice,
insulated only by snow,
that cast her blue shadow,
illuminated by a blue moon.

Tiny blue lips mumbled
"I'm sorry!"
to a closed and locked
door, just past the
blue curtain that
never budged,
hours after hoping
praying it would.

Earlier when
the blue sky
faded to black,
in a haze of
blue cigarette smoke,
and a nasty
drunken rage,
one unreasonable heart,
and a hard booted foot,
pushed this nine year old
from her daddies house.

Cursing a blue streak,
as he staggered off
to his couch to sleep
away his whiskey blues.

Inebriated he forgot
his little girl blue,
who eventually feel asleep,
only to be frozen
into blue veined flesh,
in the snow muffled back yard.

Come mourning blue lights flashed,
and men in blue removed,
the worthless father of that
little blue girl,
as paramedics shook their heads,
and covered her in white sheets,
under which the blue
of her iced, crystal blue flesh,
soaked it to a
grayish blue stain.

Her eyes stared up
through it's soft warm cotton
into eternity
forever young.



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Kaie Arwen 7 years ago

You needed a warning sign on this one........... made me cold inside. :-(

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