The Blue Sky of Provence

The Blue Sky of Provence

The blue sky is clear today,

no signs of rain.

The dark clouds are away for the day.

We shall walk without pain.

When the clouds,

join together,

The world has doubts,

for we depend on them whenever.

If it is going to rain,

you will have to take an umbrella,

or the train.

You cannot do without the umbrella.

Probably, if the sky is not clear,

there will be no plane take off.

We shall have to stay near,

where we have a roof.

We like to be home,

the place, where we are free.

There is no calm,

like this with a cup of tea.

Provence shall always stay in our minds.

The perfume of the lavender is our everyday companion.

No one dislikes the watermelons.

You will love the perfumed gardens.

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