The Boy- Short Story

The other day, while I was volunteering at a nearby library affiliated bookstore, I noticed a little boy enter the store. He had the most beautiful mane I'd ever seen. Lush brown; and his hair fell right over his shoulder. Maybe I imagined it, or maybe it was the lighting in the room that was playing tricks on me. But I could've sworn that his skin had a hue of blue in it.

Something about this boy struck me. So I kept one eye on him while performing other tasks. If you didn't look at his innocent childlike eyes, he was almost an adult by actions. As a matter of fact, even more proper than an average adult. He noted the exact location that he picked up the book from, glanced through all the pages, and kept the book back between the exact books he'd originally picked it from. After glancing through the whole book, his face would have the kind of expression one has when they finish an extremely gripping novel; and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

After finishing off a dozen kid section titles, he went on to the adult section. His targets were all the How-to books, and he one by one browsed through all the pages of a couple dozen of them. I was intrigued!

After finishing each book, he would stand for a few minutes and think while making some funny facial expressions. The kind of expressions we make when we try to convey messages (simply talk) to someone in front of us. But there was no one in front of him. Heck, he wasn't even speaking.

Telepathy? Was he trying to telepathically convey what he'd read in the books to his family? No, how was that possible? Was this child gifted or something?

Suddenly I heard my phone ring, and I picked up my cell just before giving him a fleeting look again just as the wind blew right through the door, near which the strange kid was standing. The force flew his hair behind his ears, and uncovered them for a split second before he hastily covered them back. Ears? They were no ears. There was a hole on the sides of his face and ear like contours were plastered in the area surrounding the hole. He caught me looking at him. Somehow, his expressions showed no surprise or fear. Like he already knew that I'd been observing him throughout his stay. We both exchanged smiles when he caught me looking at his ears. But something in his eyes made me uneasy. I felt as though he could read my thoughts. As though he'd planned this all along. Like it was some kind of a game.

Over the phone, my friend Natasha said something about an 80% off sale at our favorite boutique that was near her place. I mumbled something about I'll be there, and cut the call.

After a few more how-to books, he left the store. I greeted the little boy goodbye and continued to look at where he was going. I wanted to have a look at his mom, or whoever the adult was with him. The kid was not old enough to go to bookstores alone. I continued to look as he stood outside the store. It wasn't a busy time of the day, and there was no one there that time. Suddenly I felt itching in my eyes. I blinked and for a few seconds had to rub them to clear the itch. Immediately, I heard a pop. The kind of sound air makes when it rushes to fill a suddenly created void.

And then I woke up!

Was that a dream? It felt so real. I told my roommate about the kid in my dream. She laughed. Told me I should stop reading so many science fiction novels. After the discovery of Gliese 581g in 2010, the planet with a 100% possibility of intelligent life forms; and the laser ray discovered by the Australian scientist Dr Bhathal, I'd gone paranoid researching about alien life forms and the possible ways of their existence here.

"Well," I said, "Dr. Bhathal did say the laser beam originated from a device which is much much more advanced than what our current technology could create."

"You've gone mad." she said. "Take a break from this silly stuff and let's catch a sweet romantic movie today. Get up, get ready. I don't wanna waste the whole day at home!"

She left the room and I got up. Well, I did have a lot to do today. I better get started if I wanted to catch a movie too.

Suddenly my phone rang. I picked it up and heard Natasha barking over the phone.

"Where the hell are you? The sale ends in 10 min!"

"What sale?"' I was surprised.

"The 80% off I told you about yesterday. At Anne's. Your favorite boutique! Remember, you were at the library?"

The phone fell down from my fingers as I slumped onto the bed!

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PatriciaTL profile image

PatriciaTL 5 years ago from Lehigh Valley

Well done! I enjoyed reading this.

megsshere profile image

megsshere 5 years ago from California Author

Thanks PatriciaTL..I went through your hubs..Love them..You have a new fan now:)

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