The Center Stage Crimes

Crime Takes Center Stage ( Poem One )

Crime takes center stage,

the profile described the probable offender

as fifty years of age,


and with a history of problems with females,

psychiatric help fails,

the offender most likely had earlier

encounters with young girls,

jail bait,

a stranger we could all learn to hate,

the difficulty in controlling the young girls

may have led to their deaths,

he stares into the mirror

while holding his breath,

crime takes a center stage,

as the interrogation was filled with rage.

Secrets On The Street ( Poem Two )


In the darkness

there was no sound,

her spirit looked down

at a pale lump of flesh,

sprawled on the ground,

the wounds fresh,

and a shotgun was found,

on the sofa,

the spirit, shaking his head,


at the dead,

Peace in the Coffin ( Poem Three )


She cries,

then wiped her eyes,

she cried some more,

then daubed her eyes again,

a tragic death,

but peace in the coffin,

without a single breath,

an arrogant dope dealer,

freed, and the charges dropped,

justice popped,

the innocent stopped,

her son dead,

and only anguish filled her head.

A Predatory Gleam ( Poem 4)


A predatory gleam sparked in his eyes,

his eyelids twitched,

he enjoyed the cries,

his excitement, pitched,

his victim could smell the blood lust,

attacking was a must,

his teeth clashed,

flesh ripped and trashed,

blood splashed,

lightning flashed,

his victim powerless,

and death did not resist.

a black woman with delicate features,

with her secrets on the street,

and a suicide note by her feet.

© 2011 Frank Atanacio

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