Why The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis are such popular children's books

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

The Chronicles of Narnia HarperCollins boxed set used to illustrate and to constitute fair use.
The Chronicles of Narnia HarperCollins boxed set used to illustrate and to constitute fair use. | Source

The magical books of Narnia by CS Lewis

The Chronicles of Narnia are seven story-books written by C.S. Lewis and some of the author's most successful work ever. Set in a magical land the stories manage to cast their spell over the minds of children throughout the world and adults as well - I am still re-reading them.

Nearly everyone has heard of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and many writers have credited Lewis and his books as being part of the inspiration for their own works. C.S. Lewis is a master-storyteller and he captivated me when I was around the age of 10 and had started to read in earnest any books that grabbed me and these most certainly did! I read all The Chronicles of Narnia as a boy and then again several times in my teens and have been re-reading them at regular intervals ever since. These books have never lost their magical appeal!

So inspired was I by Aslan the Lion, the central figure of each of the seven books that I chose that name as my son's second Christian name. It was such a powerful symbol to me, and indeed "aslan" means a lion in Turkish.

The Magician's Nephew

Although not the best-known of The Chronicles of Narnia, which volume would easily be The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the first book in the series is The Magician's Nephew.

Two children, Digory and Polly, are exploring a passageway that leads between the houses in a row but they end up getting caught by Digory's mad Uncle Andrew who turns out as having magic rings.

Wood Beyond The Worlds

They are sent as human guinea-pigs into other worlds and encounter an evil witch-queen Jadis in one of these after they discover that other worlds can be reached via the "Wood between the Worlds". After accidentally bringing the evil witch back into London where she causes havoc they end up using the rings again and witnessing the formation of Narnia by the Lion Aslan. He creates talking beasts among the animals that are going to live in Narnia. Aslan also explains that evil has already entered his new world because the Witch had done so.

This sets the scene for the following stories and Aslan is the only character who appears in each book of The Chronicles of Narnia.

The children and Uncle Andrew are returned to their usual lives but links have been forged between this world and the new world of Narnia.

The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

This story was published first in 1950, though it was second in the chronological order of the books in the series The Chronicles of Narnia. It is set in WW2 and four children Peter, Susan, Lucy and Edmund Pevensie are staying at their uncle Professor Digory Kirke's old house in the countryside. We can work out that he is Digory from The Magician's Nephew now grown up and an old man.

Mr Tumnus the Faun

Lucy is the first of the children to discover that an old wardrobe provides a way of getting suddenly into the magical world of Narnia where she encounters a friendly Faun known as Mr Tumnus. She is told about how the land is ruled over by an evil White Witch who keeps it in a permanent winter. Lucy returns to her own world and tells her brothers and sisters but they do not believe her.

Edmund, however, investigates and ends up in Narnia where he meets the White Witch and is enchanted by her. She feeds him magical Turkish delight and turns him into a traitor against his own brother and sisters whom the Witch asks him to go and bring back to Narnia and to her. Tempted by the Turkish delight he plans to do so.

All the children eventually enter Narnia via the wardrobe and meet Mr and Mrs Beaver. They learn how Mr Tumnus has been caught as a traitor to the White Witch and about a prophecy that says that the witch's power will be over when two Sons of Adam and two Daughters of Eve claim their thrones in the castle of Cair Paravel. The Beavers also tell them that Aslan, who is the true king of Narnia is "on the move." Edmund sneaks away to the White Witch and the story continues...

The Horse And His Boy

The Horse And His Boy begins in the harsh land of Calormen where an orphaned boy called Shasta lives and works for a fisherman. A Tarkaan, or lord of Calormen turns up and wants to buy the boy.

Shasta is worried that as a slave his life will become even worse and he plans to run away. He discovers that the Tarkaan's horse can talk. It is a magical talking beast from Narnia who had been kidnapped long ago. The two new friends decide to escape together.

A girl called Aravis

Later on their perilous journey they meet up with a runaway girl called Aravis and another talking horse. They all set out for Narnia and the North but must cross a great desert and with Calormenes in pursuit. Shasta is the double of a Narnian Prince Corin to add a twist to the story, and the Calormenes decide to make war on Narnia..

Prince Caspian: Lucy meets Aslan

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Prince Caspian

In Prince Caspian all four Pevensie children get pulled from a railway station back into Narnia by a mysterious force but they don't recognise it now that they are back due to the big changes that have taken place. Eventually they work out that they have actually found Cair Paravel castle but it is now in ruins. When you leave Narnia you have no idea how long the time is that has past there. It can be minutes, weeks, months or many years! All the children had been made kings and queens when they were last there and they find their old royal belongings.

King Miraz

While they have been away a Prince Caspian has been denied his rightful throne and not much is left of old Narnia. Miraz, the tyrant of a king that has usurped it by killing Caspian's father King Caspian IX has suppressed all knowledge of Talking Beasts and the magic of the world as it was. His people are known as the Telmarines.

Prince Caspian, with the aid of what is left of the Old Narnians, puts an army together to take his rightful place as ruler of Narnia and to restore the happy old ways that once were the way. The Pevensies are drafted in to aid him in his fight. We are introduced to Reepicheep the valiant talking mouse who will play a part in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Eventually the good side wins and the children go back to their lives in their home world but Aslan tells Peter and Susan they will never go to Narnia again because they are now too old.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Official Trailer [HD]

The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader

In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Lucy and Edmund Pevensie are staying with their badly behaved cousin Eustace Scrubb. All the children get into Narnia after being magically pulled through a painting of a ship.


They are rescued by the Dawn Treader, a ship that is under the command of King Caspian X who was Prince Caspian in the previous story but has now grown older. He and his crew, including the talking mouse Reepicheep, are on a mission to search for the seven lost Lords of Narnia.

Edmund and Lucy are happy to be back in Narnia but Eustace can do nothing but complain. In the course of the story they sail to many mysterious islands and have all sorts of adventures. Eustace becomes a reformed character later on after he gets lost and is transformed into a dragon but eventually gets magically changed back by Aslan.

They either find the lost Lords or discover what happened to them. Towards the very ending of the book, Reepicheep goes onward up a waterfall alone into Aslan's Country. Caspian and his men make plans to return to Cair Paravel and their homes. The children meet a lamb who changes into Aslan who tells them that Lucy and Edmund will not be going to Narnia again but will come to know him in their own world. They are all returned home.

The Silver Chair

In The Silver Chair none of the Pevensies appear but Eustace takes another leading role. This time he and fellow-schoolmate Jill Pole seek Narnia and find it after Jill has been having a hard time with bullies at the modern Experiment House school.

Aslan's Country

The children get off to a very bad start in Aslan's Country which they have stumbled into through a door in a garden wall. Jill endangers Eustace by standing on the edge of a very steep cliff. He tries to pull her back and falls over but is blown by Aslan to Narnia. Both children are given a quest by Aslan that they must seek out and rescue a Prince Rilian who is the son of King Caspian X and who disappeared some years earlier. Aslan gives them four signs to look out for. They are aided by some talking owls and joined on the main part of their quest by the marsh-wiggle Puddleglum.


They have to go through a part of the country where giants live and are in great danger there. After escaping they end up in Underland where a company of gnomes take them to the Lady of the Green Kirtle. She is attended by a young man who she explains must be bound to a silver chair at night because he starts raving at that time.

It turns out that he is Prince Rilian who has been enchanted by the Lady with the Green Kirtle who is really an evil witch who can change into a serpent. They manage to kill her and in so doing free the gnomes who had been her slaves. Prince Rilian goes home to Cair Paravel.

The children are returned to their world and as Aslan roars part of the wall around Experiment House collapses. Eustace and Jill arrive back over the broken wall and scare away the bullies who have glimpsed Aslan.

The Last Battle

The Last Battle really is the last of the Chronicles of Narnia and thought by many to be the best book of them all. It actually won the prestigious Carnegie Medal in Literature back in 1956.

Set in the last days on Narnia when all is falling apart in the once happy lives of the people, talking beasts, animals and other inhabitants of the magical land. Shift, a very intelligent but corrupt ape has persuaded Puzzle, a not-so-bright but nevertheless gentle donkey, to dress in a lion-skin and to pretend he is Aslan. He is made to give out orders the real Aslan would never have given. Nobody knows what to believe any more. The fake Aslan orders the Narnians to work for the Calormenes and to cut down Talking Trees.

King Tirian, great-grandson of Rilian, is doing all he can to restore order to the once happy kingdom that is falling into chaos and anarchy. Peter, Edmund, Lucy, Jill and Eustace are brought to help him.

In the closing chapters, in dramatic fashion, Aslan brings to an end the old Narnia he created but takes all the loyal people and beasts with him to Aslan's Country. It is revealed that this ending is only the beginning of the true story, "which goes on forever, and in which every chapter is better than the one before."

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle

Conclusion about the Chronicles of Narnia

All of the Chronicles of Narnia have many obvious references to Biblical ideas and Aslan is very obviously Jesus or God. This is not surprising because C.S. Lewis was a Christian and these books allowed him to preach in a way and interpret his ideas about his religion yet within what can otherwise be read as fairy-tales or fantasies.

The stories incorporate mythical creatures and deities from legend. There are dwarves, centaurs, fauns, unicorns, dryads, giants, and even the god Bacchus puts in an appearance in one tale.

Someone who is an atheist can probably enjoy these stories just as much as someone who believes in spiritual matters because of the twists and turns in the narratives, the excitement and at times the humour. The stories blend many elements of chivalric tales of knights in armour and medieval romance in with a mythic world and all of this runs parallel to normal life in Britain which the children leave to enter Narnia.

I entered Narnia many years ago as a boy and have kept re-entering it ever since through the pages on the Chronicles of Narnia.

© 2011 Steve Andrews

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Comments 42 comments

Teresa Coppens profile image

Teresa Coppens 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

These books are also a favorite of mine and have been influential on my own writing. Great review. You have inspired me to read these classics yet again.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thank you, Teresa! I am currently on the Silver Chair.

Beth Pipe profile image

Beth Pipe 5 years ago from Cumbria, UK

Great hub. I enjoyed the books as a child, which is unusual as I disliked fiction books even at that age. So well written by an incredibly interesting man. One of my college tutors had been tutored by CS Lewis and one of his other lecturers was Tolkien. Not a bad education eh?

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thank you for commenting, Beth! Wow - what amazing tutors to have had!

CJStone profile image

CJStone 5 years ago from Whitstable, UK

CS Lewis was a Christian, but he wasn't a dogmatic or a fundamentalist one. The books are deeply humanistic, and the quality of magic that exudes from the stories outweighs all the obvious Christian references. They are not preachy in any way, and I too still find myself rereading them every so often.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thanks for making a great point there, Chris! I agree with you! I am currently halfway through the Silver Chair again. I start on the first book and then read through them all and they are just as amazing every time I do so!

stclairjack profile image

stclairjack 5 years ago from middle of freekin nowhere,... the sticks

the screw tape letters touched me deaply,... and were it not for the narnia series,i woud never have foundhis other works.

imagine my gigle one day when i asked our local librarian,.. the young one,.. for lewis' screw tape lettrs,... and she mistakenly brought me not CS Lewis,...but Sinclar Lewis,... and "elmer gantry" to boot. ha! i took it as a sign and checked it out for a re-read as well. it was devine having both of them again at the same time.

thanks for this.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thanks for sharing that!

phdast7 profile image

phdast7 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

Wonderfull hub and every new generation needs to be reminded of and esxposed to C.S. Lewis. You did a great job summarizing the books of the Chronicles. I like them a lot, but I must say that my absolute favorite is the Space Trilogy (stronger, more intense content perhaps).

Talk about science. science fiction, mythology, spirituality, religion, astronomy, magic, and ethics/morality all woven together. I have read them at least ten times, about every three years. Boy that dates me. :) Thanks for the hub.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thank you! I love the Space Trilogy too though the first two books a lot more than That Hideous Strength. I have re-read them too but the Narnia books are the ones that first caught my imagination and I suppose I have stayed faithful to them!

Deerwhisperer profile image

Deerwhisperer 5 years ago from Bradenton, Florida

I am also a fan of the Chronicles of Narnia. Awesome!

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

I am glad to hear it so thanks for posting!

Ann Nonymous profile image

Ann Nonymous 5 years ago from Virginia

I adore CS Lewis and his ability to create new worlds with hidden depths. His vivid imagination, his faith, his very essence is poured onto every page. He is one of my author idols! Thanks for the reminder of why I love him!

mary615 profile image

mary615 5 years ago from Florida

I have not thought of these books in many years. Thanks for reminding me and now I want to go back and get them off my bookshelves.


Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thanks for your comments, Ann and Mary!

Marissa 5 years ago


I love the Picture of Dorian Gray and this movie is good but not like the book. I love Oscar Wilde too. C.S Lewis is great too. I love this video because the song is beautiful and video is powerful. The movie is free on the net if you punch in Dorian Gray part 1 of 10. Ben is a very good actor and Colin Firth is also mesmorizing. This song is from Evanance. I can't spell their band name. But I like this song and melody, harmony.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thanks for that, Marissa!

Marissa 5 years ago

Excellent writing. I like writing silly comedic stories.

Sometimes I like dark horror films and books but mostly not.

I love to laugh and it takes more effort.

I am using peppermint oil and eculyptus for my car to keep rodents away. Do you have any suggestions for rodent repellent?

Willard was a good story too. Do you like science-fiction?

Marissa 5 years ago

I hate to get off the subject of books but I have a rodent problem in my car. I just fixed the car. Flying squirrels are in my attic. This video is of 1971 Willard.

We like to feel that we are in control of animals, but people make movies about our fears of being over-taken by the animal world.

Willard was never a book was it?

Weird. Do you like any weird books like Willard?


roshall profile image

roshall 5 years ago from Ohio

I have started to introduce my grandchildren to C.S. Lewis. These things are not taught in schools anymore.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Marissa, I'm afraid I don't know what the answer for rodents is apart from the horrible ones used. I had rats in the attic where I lived in Cardiff and the environmental health people put poison down. What else could they do? What else could I do? I have not seen Willard as yet so can't comment. Yes, I love sci-fi.

Thank you for posting, and thank you too for your comments, roshall! I think that these things not being taught is part of why the standards have gone down so much in society.

marissa 5 years ago

Yes, they are watering down the educational systems in the schools.

I do think that movies keep people from sitting down to enjoy a book and imagine for themselves what the people look like etc...I prefer great literature.

We are not in the golden age of literature, art etc...

Anyway, I was watching Willard in celebration of my rodent problem ahahha and the pest control people are taking care of it. I am not sure what to do about my car other than sticking essential oils in it, maybe poison.

Willard is there for free. All the parts are there if you want to watch the movie for free and you can see Dorian Gray as well.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

You are right and I too normally prefer a book. Thanks again!

marissa 5 years ago

There are times I prefer the movie but not nearly as often if it is a well-written book. Do you enjoy George Orwell? Do you like Animal Farm and 1984?

Marissa 5 years ago

This book was a pre-vegan book and I enjoy these kinds of books.

Animal Farm and its movie trailer.


Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

I have read them both and seen the films. Hard-hitting work!

Marissa 5 years ago

What do you think of Ben Barnes as an actor? He plays Prince Narnia?

He is very literary.

He majored in English. Why do you never promote good looking young men or talk about them?

Also, women who excessive eye make up, liquid foundation, hair exenstions, globs of foundation on their skin and false eye lashes are not women that I envy. I have natural beauty. No photo shop and no make up except lipstick. I have incredible skin that people compliment all the time and I wear NO make up on my skin. These women you claim that I am jealous of wear TONS of make up and they have bad skin or they have dark roots, hair extensions, FAKE FAKE FAKE...plastic...

Why do men always rant and rave about FAKE women with tons of make up and false eyelashes?

Markus is the same way. FAKE FAKE FAKE.

Why not talk about a man who looks natural? Ben Barnes?

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

The answer is I write about what has been on my mind recently and I don't think about "good looking young men"! lol Recently I have been writing about tropical fish, C.S. Lewis and probable hoaxes by contactees. I wrote about the Narnia books because I have been re-reading them all again. I know you don't like Markus but what about the info he gets out? Is it right or what? That was once of the first things I liked about him - that he knew a lot about edible plants. He probably knows more than me and definitely about American ones. Why not start your own HubPage account, Marissa? Then you can write about whatever you are interested in. You would be very good at it too because you have a brilliant knowledge of many subjects including those that don't get anywhere near as much attention as they should!

Marissa 5 years ago

I don't know how to start it. But right now I am sick of the phoniness in our society and plastic people everywhere. I do not like false eyelashes and the excessive concentration on false beauty in the stores ....and botox. I think that it is a serious problem and it is spreading into the male arena. If I want long eyelashes, I eat more raw food and raw egg yolk. It is working. I don't wear mascara. I use henna to tint my hair. Many women are dying of cancer. Estee Lauder just died of cancer. She was a leader in women's make-up world-wide. Cancer is so prevalent it is amazing how common. A woman that I know just died at 48 of cancer. She used hair dye and also ate a lot of fake foods. So many people have cancer, I wonder if it is a conspiracy. I would be afraid to reveal all my interests because it offends some people. I don't believe in un-natural beauty or supplements. I take brewer's yeast, bee pollen but I don't believe in supplements. Someone just insulted Dr. Bass because he didn't look young and didn't look like some younger Doctor at 59 and someone just said that I should not want to look like dr. bass. But he is 93. I respect Dr. Bass and I like his mind.

I think he is naturally beautiful. I kind of have a crush on dr. bass who is 93. I like his mind. ahahhaha

People should respect older people who have wisdom. So many people have implants, cancer, etc...hair dye causes cancer...People want to be fake because the media is promoting the cosmetic industry to weak women and making millions and thus destroying their health. The cosmetic industry is a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

The glam rock scene years ago made it even more so because that brought in a fake look for men as well with David Bowie and Marc Bolan etc Music fans went mad about these glam rock stars then. In the punk era it went really into a fake look and make-up too. I personally think it goes back to tribalism. Chiefs of tribes and others make themselves look flamboyant with feathers, piercings, face-paint etc. I think Dr Bass looks amazing and is amazing for his age so I agree with you on that! You are right though - all these artificial beauty products are helping the cancer rates go up. That means that any big star can get it cos they all use make-up to go on stage and on TV etc and dye their hair. And so they do - look how many actors and singers have died from cancer. They get all the fame and money but still die young.

Marissa 5 years ago

The cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar business which is a scam and the healthfood industry is also becoming a money making deceptive scam. People forget that the cosmetic industry is destroying and ruining the health and lives of many women. Cancer is on the rise and many diseases. Tribes that are in third world countries do not use the synthetic, toxic dyes that we are using on people today. Mostly their plant based dyes and feathers are benign in comparision. You can't compare third world tribal feathers with toxic chemicals used in today's cosmetics. There is nothing wrong with a little color and excitement but there is something wrong with the kinds of dyes, chemicals, sprays, powders, poisons people are putting on their bodies or close to their bodies in the name of cool and beautiful. The media is now promoting false eyelashes again and the glue that you paste to your eyelid is not healthy. I have used this. They are promoting less and less healthy people as the years go by. It is all to make money, since they want the cosmetic industry to thrive.

Marissa 5 years ago

One more thing I would like to add. I really believe that men prefer very high maintainence women to natural, subtle women. The media is promoting very high maintainence women who need manicure, pedicure, hair extensions, fake eye lashes, hair dyes that are synthetic, mascara, eyeliners galore, and excessive accessories. Men look for high maintainence women in this society and anything less does not impress a lot of men. They are impressed with glitz. It is mostly men who are oooooing and aaaahing..women who are high maintainence. Most men are very high maintainence with their need of expensive cars, toys and gagets.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Marissa, what you say is very true as usual! The point I was trying to make is that the urge to do this comes from tribalism but not all tribal ways are harmless, there are dangerous initiation rites for men for a start...more fool them perhaps! Circumcision male and female comes from tribal ways. I take your point though! I really do think you could reach a lot more people if you have your own hubpages account and I just wanted to say so again. It is actually very easy to post stuff here. I for one would support you! If you post your own hubs far more people would read them than your comments in some of mine. I know you have very great knowledge and a will to help other people. I just thought I should suggest this.

Marissa 5 years ago

Things you know nothing about in my life are why misunderstandings develop.

I was once in love with a man who dumped me for a woman who is extremely high maintainence. She was a model.

Most of the women men dumped me for were not pretty like this woman. But this woman who he dumped me for, has cheek implants. Years ago she had normal cheeks and now she has cheek implants. He is now an alcoholic and I won't mention his name but implants are not healthy, though she looks good on the outside and pretty natural. It is obvious to me that she has a typical implant job. If the women are not into this kind of stuff they are into homes. Men in general love high maintainence women. I am much more laid back than a lot of women. Men have come into my home and they asked me why I don't have more furniture or they didn't like my couch. Should people be so obsessed with becoming high maintainence and in debt? It hurt me that I was dumped for numbers of high maintainence women. I am much less materalistic than most women and most men. Being high maintainence makes you popular. Men claim that they prefer natural women. That is not true. Men give a lot of attention to extremely high maintainence women in the media and otherwise.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Marissa, I know you are right, although I had never thought about it that way. Yes, men do tend to be like that and many women can tend to cater for them or think they need to, and the whole crazy situation is propped up and pushed by the media and entertainment scene. It is why I can see animals as better, purer, because they do not deal in high or low maintenance people but accept us as friends often to their peril.

Marissa 5 years ago

Animal Farm! That movie made people feel guilty I am sure and the book too. I remember some older man telling me that I am not one of these superwomen on the upper east side of Manhattan. He was talking about the make up counter. I am just tired of hearing about the most dolled up, fake people imaginable. I like lipstick and color and I wear colorful clothing but I am not one of these high maintainence chicks. That is why I moved to this area. The people are not glitzy as New York City.

People love animals here and they talk about them often. NYC, people talk about plastic surgury, make up, cellphones etc...that is because there are no animals and no farms.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

In other words those people in NY are deficient in nature and are maybe looking for it in unnatural ways perhaps? I know where I would much rather be!

Marissa 5 years ago

I am in New York State. New York City is much different than much of this state. I live near Woodstock. The population is only 177 thousand people. The people support farms and local farmers. It is rural and scenic. Where would you rather be?

Marissa 5 years ago


I live in a town of 11 thousand people near Rhinebeck..only 9 miles from the center of town and I live 15 miles from Woodstock New York. That is 2 hours north of New York City. This is a picture of supermother nature.

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

You are in the right place, Marissa! I would choose where you are over NYC any day!I don't like cities and never have!

homesteadbound profile image

homesteadbound 5 years ago from Texas

I did not become aware of these books until my kids were in school, but have been hooked ever since. I love reading them and watching the movies. Great hub!

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal Author

Thank you for commenting! I am glad you like them as much as me!

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