The Clinician's Guide to Medical Writing: Kindle Sample

Review of the Sample

The sample for The Clinician's Guide to Medical Writing by Robert B. Taylor (Kindle price: $23.96) gets right into the book's content and gives a very good idea of what to expect as a reader. This is important, as academic texts are often encumbered by lengthy introductions, forewords, and acknowledgements sections-- whenever these appear in a Kindle sample, it takes precious sample space for information that is not relevant to deciding whether or not to buy the book.

One thing to mention is that the font on this sample is odd. It almost looks like the letters are a little thin or light. Increasing the font size helps a little, but I would be wary of buying a $24 ebook that might be hard to read.

I will probably not buy this book, because I am a writer interested in medical writing, not a clinician, and the objective of the book seems to be for clinicians needing to develop writing skills. This is not a surprise, given the title. I am glad I was able to preview the book as a sample first, and I will remember it as a recommendation when doctors and nurses approach me asking for advice in their writing.

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