The Coffee Club


It was Rosland's idea to form the coffee club five years ago which evolved into a twice a month go out to lunch club. It was her turn to pick the place where they were going to eat.They would always go into the city to eat and she wanted something different. She wanted to go to this mountain retreat which served good vegetarian food and she thought that they might enjoy a change. The good thing was that the mountain retreat was close which should make her friends in the club happy.

The club members were Rosland, her friends, Julie and Carmona. They were neighbors and friends for the last ten years. Rosland lived in between Julie and Carmona. Rosland and her husband Cliff were the first to move in the neighborhood, Julie was next, then Carmona. It was an accident that they became friends because Rosland felt that they were so different and didn't have anything in common..

Julie moved in with her two sons a month after Rosland and her husband did fifteen years ago. Julie had been a nurse for two years and she was just moving out of her mother's house. She was not married but she was seeing her children's father on a regular basis. Eric, the children's father, had nothing to offer but time. He would see his boys regularly but when it came down to child support, he never had anything. Eric was a musician so his excuse was that he was not getting the gigs like he wanted. Julie accepted his excuses. Her family increased from two to three within the fifteen years she lived next door to Rosland.

Carmona she was the widow. She married her husband when she was sixteen, he was thirty-one. He started a micro brewery and distillery twenty years a go and it has been a growing business ever since. Their most famous product is Uncle Buster's Fruit Punch Brandy. Carmona has twin sons who are adults and helping her with the business. Carmona never takes any time out for herself. Her excuse is that she has to make sure that everything is okay with the business or Aaron (her deceased husband) would never forgive her. Carmona is very loyal to the memory of her husband. She dates very little. Everyone has tried to fix Carmona up but when ever she's introduced to a nice man they go out once and then no more.

Rosland felt that she had the most boring life out of the three of them. She was a Marriage and Family counselor and her husband Cliff was a High School math teacher and football coach. Rosland didn't want to move into the Violet Valley community because it was too far from her family. Cliff said that that was the reason that they were moving there because it was far enough away from her family. Not that Cliff didn't like her family, he felt that they were to nosy. When they lived in the city, one or more of her relatives were all ways over and it was hard to get them to leave. She began to like Violet Valley because of the peace and the quiet. There were no more assaults to the neighborhood by police helicopters and sirens.

Rosland felt that the only excitement she had was to have lunch twice a month with her friends. She looked at the clock, she was running late and she still had to get dressed. Her cell phone rang, she looked at the caller id and saw that it was Carmona.

"Hey girl, I'm almost ready."

"I got your e-mail about this restaurant. It's at the Meditation retreat. I've been there it's nice. I don't usually eat tofu but that place really know how to make it."

"So you've been there before?"

"Yes, I've even taken some of the Yoga and meditation classes that they offer."

"When did you start taking Yoga? I thought that you didn't have time to do anything but work." Rosland said as she was juggling the phone to take the rollers out of her hair.

"You know, my son Seth, said that I've been getting too stressed out lately and suggested that I go there and relax."

"I guess that they have a lot more to offer than just gardens and a vegetarian restaurant." Rosland laughed.

"Yes, we'll have to go and take a Yoga or a Meditation class some day. Well girl let me go so I can finish getting dressed."

"Okay, I'll see you soon." There was a roar of a loud engine going by "I guess that is Eric going by."

"Yea, that's him I see him pulling into Julie's driveway." Rosland said as she looked out of her bathroom window which faced Julie's driveway.

"I wish he would do something about that engine it causes noise pollution. Well I hope that Julie will be going with us."

"I sure she will or else she would have called by now. If she doesn't then we well have a good time by ourselves. I going to finish getting dressed, see you soon." Rosland said as she hung up the phone.

Rosland was now being assaulted by Eric's loud music. "I wish he would turn that damn music down." she muttered contemplating yelling out of the window for him to turn it down. Insted she she shut the window.

As soon as she shut the window her house phone rang. She looked at the caller id and saw that it was Julie.

"Hey girl, you ready?" Rosland said answering the phone.

"I'll be ready soon, Eric came over to pick up Eli. Today starts football practice, didn't Cliff tell you?"

"You know girl I don't keep up with the football schedule."

"I don't see why, Cliff is the head coach."

"I'm not interested in sports. I was only interested when the kids were playing."

"You should support your husband."

"I do support him." Rosland was beginning to be annoyed with the subject and changed it "I see that Eric is around more lately."

"Yea, he has been helping me out with Eli." Julie said with a sigh.

"What's wrong?"

"He wants to move in and I don't think that I want him to. I like our arrangement the way that it is."

"Well tell him so."

"He has no place to go. He's in between gigs right now."

Rosland rolled her eyes at the comment that Julie made and chose to ignore it "Julie are you going to ride with me and Carmona?"

"Yes, I'm going to ride with you guys, I don't know where the place is and you know I don't like driving in the mountains. So what time are we meeting? You know it takes Carmona a while to get ready."

"You don't have to go to work to day do you?" Rosland asked concerned that she might not go if Carmona is not ready soon.

"No, I don't, so don't worry I won't rush. We'll have a good time, you'll see." Julie said reassuring Rosland

"Ok, I'll hold you to that. See ya soon." Rosland said as she hung up the phone and continued to get dress.


The doorbell rang and Rosland was not quite ready. She just need to find her left shoe. This was the latest pair of summer sandals she bought and she wanted the girls to see them. The doorbell rang again with more urgency. Rosland walked lopsided with one shoe on to answer the door. She looked through the peephole and saw Carmona and opened the door.

"I see that I'm not late." Carmona said noticing that Rosland only had on one shoe.

"No, I'm looking for my other shoe. You want some coffee or something, you know where the kitchen is, help yourself."

"You're some hostess."Carmona said heading toward the kitchen.

Rosland made no comment.

A few minutes later, Rosland came into the kitchen with both shoes on. Carmona was sitting at the table sipping on a glass of water.

"I see that you found your other shoe. Where was it?" Carmona said as she sipped her water leisurely.

"Under one of Cliff's undershirts. That man throws his clothes everywhere but in the hamper. I'm glad that the kids are gone, now I only have one child to pick up after. The bad part is I can't punish him and make him do right." Rosland stood for a moment in front of Carmona hoping that she would notice her shoes.

"Why are you standing there with your hair looking like a bird played in it?" Carmona said with a low chuckle.

 Holding out one foot, Rosland asked "Did you notice my shoes?".

Carmona looked down at Rosland's feet  "They're cute.  Where did you get them?"

"At the shoe outlet.  They were only twenty-five dolars and they're all leather."

Turning her attention from Rosland's shoes to her hair "Your hair is a mess, you want me to do it for you." Carmona chuckled.

Rosland went in the bathroom, adjacent to the kitchen, to look at her hair. She laughed when she saw it all over her head. "Yes, Carmona dear, I'm going to need some help to get this birds nest together.

"Bring me a comb and I'll see what I can do." Carmona said.

When Rosland was walking out of the bathroom, the doorbell rang "Carmona will you get that for me, it's probably Julie. You know how impatient she can get."

"OK." Carmona said as she walked to the kitchen door.

"Carmona!" Julie said as she walked in and hugged her.

"Julie, I haven't seen you in a while. You've been working a lot, Rosland tells me." Carmona said hugging her back.

"Where's Rosland?" Julie said as she sat on the bench at the table.

"In the bathroom getting a comb. Her hair got messed up when she was looking for her shoe, so I'm going to redo it for her."

Rosland came out of the bathroom and gave Julie a hug "Hey I'm sorry for not being ready on time."  then pulled one of the chairs in the middle of the floor so Carmona could do her hair.

Rosland handed Carmona the comb, sat down,so that she could do something to control her hair.

"Don't worry about it Ros, Eric made me late. Talking about he needed some gas money."

"He needed gas money." Carmona snorted "He's a grown man. He should have his own gas money."

"Carmona, he's not working as much as he wants because he doesn't want to just work for anyone." Julie said in Eric's defence "He's also trying to do his own music and that takes time."

"Rosland, how long has Jul-ya been telling us this?" Carmona asked.

"Ten Years." Rosland replied

"And in ten years, he still hasn't got it together. How long does it take? It's already been ten years." Carmona spat.

"You don't like Eric, Carmona and I don't know why." Julie whined.

"I like Eric, he's ok but he hurts you all of the time and that I don't like. Wouldn't you say that that sums it up Ros."

"It's true, we like Eric but we don't like the way that he treats you." Rosland confirmed what Carmona said.

Carmona finished with Rosland's hair. "Julie how does her hair look?"

"It looks good." Julie replied "Ros, go look in the mirror, Carmona did a good job as usual."

Rosland went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror." It looks good girl. You worked your usual magic. You know you should have been a beautician."

Carmona smiled and looked at her watch. "What time are reservations for?"

"Three o'clock" Julie chimed.

"Well let's go it's two now and it takes about a half an hour to get there and we have to find parking too." Rosland said.

Rosland had an SUV which they fit comfortably in. She played her jazz CDs. Her favorites were the old jazz musicians such as Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis. Carmona smoked and she'd open her window to let the smoke out. Julie was just staring out the window.

They arrived at the Crystal Lantern Retreat and Spa. The retreat was surrounded by tall pine trees and other trees. They could smell the flowers as soon as they got out of the SUV. As they walked to the building the soft melody of the wind chimes welcomed them.

"I can feel the peace up here."Julie said as she took a deep breath. "I doesn't hurt to take a deep breath up here."

Rosland and Carmona took a deep breath too.

"I feel good every time I come here."Carmona said

"I feel that all of my troubles have melted away. I should tell my clients to come here." Rosland said.

"If you tell them to come here, you won't have any clients." Julie laughed.

They walked to the restaurant on a gravel path that crunched as they walked. Next to the path was a small creek. The women stopped on the bridge to look at the Koi fish before they went in the restaurant.

"I like this place already and I haven't tasted the food yet." Julie said.

The group was seated at a table which over looks the garden.

"This place is so peaceful. I should bring Eric here maybe it will improve his karma." Julie said as she looked down at the gardens.

"Anything to help that man get a job." Carmona said

"Amen." Rosland replied.

Julie ignored them.

"Well I have some news for you ladies. I joined a social club." Carmona announced.

"A social club? Where?" Julie and Rosland said in unison.

"Its in the city, where they have those old mansions, over on Lafayette Circle."

"I never heard of it." Rosland said

"Me either." Julie replied.

"It's and exclusive club, so it is not advertised. Someone who belongs to the club has to take you there as a guest."

"Exclusive, eh. What makes it exclusive?" Rosland asked.

"Its exclusive because you have to be invited and you can't have any hang ups." Carmona replied.

"What kind of hang ups?" Julie asked.

"About sex." Carmona stated.

"You mean that you belong to a sex club?" Julie exclaimed.

"It's not a sex club, it is a social club with a little sex among friends." Carmona said.

"Ok, it's not a sex club but you have sex there." Rosland said for clarification

"It's a social club. You can have dinner, stimulating conversation and live entertainment." Carmona gave the short explanation as she saw the server came over to take their order.

The server placed a glass of water in front of each woman. They had not looked at the menu because they were so interested in Carmona's membership to a social club. They asked the server for a few minutes to look over the menu.

"You have got to tell us more." Julie said with enthusiasm.

"I don't know why you're so interested, Julie, the only man for you is Eric." Carmona said.

"I've always wondered what a place like that would be like." Julie replied.

"I wonder what it would be like to have a steamy affair with a stranger no strings attached." Rosland said " I have clients who said that they have had one night affairs and they made them more attracted to their spouses." Rosland added.

"I wouldn't think that you would be the type who would have an affair on your husband." Carmona said.

"I don't know. If the right opportunity presented itself, then I might consider it."Rosland said

"At least she's honest with herself." Carmona said

"I'm not honest with myself?" Julie said offended.

"No, I don't think that you are." Carmona replied then continued "I don't think that you're honest with yourself when it comes down to Eric."

"He's a good man, who's in a bad situation right now. He can't sell his music and the bands that have asked him to play with them, he's not into their kind of music. He's an artist you know." Julie wined defending Eric.

"That is what she means Julie." Rosland interjected "You never see him for what he is. Like you were telling me earlier that he wants to move in."

"You're not going to let that man move in, are you Julie?" Carmona said loud enough for the people at the other table to hear.

"Damn Carmona, put all of my business in the street."

"Tell me you're not going to let that man move in with you. He needs to be an adult and stand on his two feet." Carmona replied still not believing what Julie said. "You know what, this chile needs to be locked up in the nut house some where. Ros, call some of your friends and have her put away."

"You know Carmona, I could say the same thing about you, Your devotion to your dead husband is ridiculous. The man has been dead for over fifteen years now and you haven't gotten over it yet." Julie said trying to hurt Carmona as much as she hurt her.

Before Carmona could say anything Rosland said "Ok, that's enough. You're both being hurtful towards each other and there's no reason for it. Carmona, we both know how much you loved your husband and I know by joining this social club is a way for you to go on with your life. Jule we know that you love Eric, you believe in his own way he loves you to and we also know that he is the children's father. The arguing between you two has got to stop now so we can have a pleasant lunch in these beautiful surroundings. Do you think that we can do that, ladies?"

The both nodded.

"Now I want to hear more about the sex... excuse me, social club that Carmona joined." Rosland said

"Thank you for correcting yourself. It is a place where you can meet nice clean men and socialize. I don't see anything wrong with that, since I'm a widow." Carmona replied.

"I think that she is just having an excuse to be promiscuous." Julie said sarcastically.

"I don't have time to date and right now I don't want to be in a relationship. I just want to have a little bit of male companionship without the strings." Carmona said.

"Well I'm glad that you are dating again." Rosland said.

"I think that you should both come with me some day and see for yourself. You might like it." Carmona replied "You don't have to do anything, you can just talk and enjoy the male company."

"I don't know. You know I'm married, Julie you should go since you aren't." Rosland said

"I'm with someone you know." Julie replied.

"You both should go. Like I said, you don't have to do anything you don't want to. This place is not sleazy, it is very classy." Carmona said trying to convince her friends.

"Ok, for our next lunch date we'll go to your social club and check it out. " Rosland said.

"I don't know I might be working that day." Julie said.

"You're always working when it comes down to meeting other men."

"Well you know I have two sons in collage and one on the way and I do need the money." Julie said rolling her eyes at Carmona.

"It is not going to take any money out of your pocket to come and enjoy yourself."Rosland said

Julie ignored Rosland.

"So ladies next meeting in two weeks we will go to the Green Door Social Club." Carmona announced.

"Ok."Rosland replied.

"I'll see." Julie said.

"We know what that means." Carmona said "It means that she is going to not go."

"It doesn't. It just means I have to see what is going on." Julie said in her defence.

"Well I'll leave well enough alone." Carmona said "If you don't go you'll be missin' out on a real experence." Carmona said.

They finshed their lunch and went home. When Rosland dropped off Carmona she said "I had a wonderful time and I hope you think about going with us Julie."

"I said that I would see." Julie said annoyed that Carmona was still on the subject.

"Bye, I'll see you later." Carmona said as she closed the car door.

"Ros, you weren't serious when you said that you'd go to that sex club." Julie asked Rosland for confimation.

"Well, I don't see why not. It's just a little harmless fun."

"Well I hope that you'll be careful if you do go. There's alot of diseaes out there."

"It sounds like you've made up your mind not to go."

"I-I just don't know about that type of thing. What if someone at my job finds out, they might fire me."

"I understand if you don't go. But I think that I'm going to go and see what it's all about. It might be someting I could use in my practice."

"Well I don't know. Well I'll see you tomorrow" Julie said as she closed the car door.

"Ok." Rosland said as she was getting out of the car walking toward her backdoor..

Rosland walked into the house thinking about the social club. Rosland's curiosity was now peaked. She was bored of her life. It seemed as if all she ever did,(now that the kids are gone) is come home and fix Cliff's dinner and go to sleep. She and Ciiff rarely made love especally now since it was football season; she was the textbook football widow. That was worse than being a real widow becaue you have a living breathing corpse whoes only thought is football. Going to the social club would might bring some romance back into her life. Her client might be right a one time afair can't do to much harm.

The Green Door

It was a Friday, two weeks after Rosland and her friends had lunch. They were supposed to meet to go to Carmona's social club The Green Door. Rosland thought that the name was intriguing,mysterious and reeked with clandestine decadence. They were going to meet in the afternoon because that was when the club opened. Four o'clock was the start of happy hour.

Rosland was luck that she didn't have any clients in the afternoon and her day was finished by noon. As she pulled into her driveway she saw Julie leaving dressed in her uniform. Rosland yelled to her before she could get into the car. "I guess you won't be able to make it today?"

"No girl, I had a late call at work. I was going to call you when I got there. I told them I'd be there in an hour."

"Ok, but I think that this club meeting would be something special."

"Well you know how things go. You have to do what you have to do. They are paying me overtime to work."

"Well I'm not mad at you. You'll be able to have lunch with us next time."

"Yes, I hope so." Julie said as she was getting into the car. "See ya later."

Rosland watched Julie pull off, shook her head muttering "She planed to go to work on purpose so she couldn't go."

Her cell phone rang when she reached the backdoor., She looked at the caller id, it was Carmona.

"Hey girl what's up?" she said shutting the door.

"I just wanted to know what you'd be wearing, I hope that it's something sexy."

"I thought that you said that it was a social club with no strings attached."

"It is but you do have to dress the part. Don't worry I got an outfit for you.."

"I can't wait to see it. I hope it is not too racy."

"When you see it, you'll like it. I'll be home soon, why don't you come over and get dressed.

"Call me when you get home."


Rosland hung up the phone and put her purse and keys on the kitchen counter, got a bottle of water from the refrigerator. She looked out of the window while leaning over the sink,wondering what kind of dress Carmona bought for her. A shiver went down her spine when she thought about what might go on at the Green Door.

There was a movie called Behind the Green Door, a porno. She saw the movie in collage. Thinking about the movie she wondered about the club.. She had mixed feelings about going there, part of her was excited to experience something new and afraid she might do something that she might regret. Cliff not being around was good he'd make her more nervous than she already was.

She went to the bar in the den because she felt that she needed something stronger than water. Looking on the shelf behind the bar, she found the brandy then poured a glass. Draining the glass in one sip she felt her confidence rise as the warmth of the drink spread over her chest. Now she was ready to face a new adventure.

Confidently Rosland swaggered up the stairs with a smile on her face.She went took a shower, while she put on her body cream, the phone rang. She thought that it was Carmona letting her know that she was home.

"Hey." she answered trying to hold the phone with slippery hands.

"I'm home come over when you're ready."

"I'll slip a tee shirt and jeans then I will be over."


Rosland hung up. Quickly she found a pair of jeans, tee shirt and sandals, rushed to put them on. Looking in the mirror she saw her hair was a mess. With no time to do her hair she found one of Cliff's baseball caps and hurriedly ran downstairs. She grabbed her purse and keys off the counter then ran out the door.

It was a short sprint over to Carmona's house. Carmona opened the door before she could ring the bell.

"I saw you coming so I opened to the door."

"Thanks. Now I want to see the outfit that you got me."

"You'll look real sexy."

"We'll see." Rosland said they walked upstairs to Carmona's bedroom.

Carmona produced a black bag with black and red tissue paper stuffed in it. "Here's your outfit."

Rosland pulled the tissue paper out of the bag, there was a black mini skirt and a box that had a body stocking in it .

"I don't know girl this looks mighty skimpy to me." Rosland said holding up what looked like a black mini skirt and a body stocking.

Carmona laughed. "You didn't see the bra with the matching bikini panties that you wear underneath."

Looking again in the bag, Rosland sees a small box when she opens it she sees the matching bra and panties "So how do I wear this?"

"You put on the bra and the bikini panties, the body stocking and then the skirt."

"What about a blouse?"

"Don't need one, All you'll need is a jacket and I have the perfect jacket. Now go and get dressed."

"I don't know Rosland said reluctantly

"Go on." Carmona said as she was nudging Rosland in the bathroom.

Carmona was getting dressed in the bedroom which was next to the bathroom Rosland was in. Looking in her closet, Carmona found a black satin shorts jumpsuit. the outfit had been cut low in the front and the back to show the optimal amount of skin. This made the jumpsuit very sexy and chic. Carmona held it up to her and looked in the mirror trying to decide what to wear with it. She thought that it would look very sexy with a pair of fishnet pantyhose. She held the suit up to her body and turned sideways to see if she would look too fat. When she inspected herself in the mirror, she looked good.

When Carmona was finished dressing, Rosland was not. Carmona called into the bathroom "Hey what are you doing in there? I'm already dressed."

Rosland was still struggling to put on the body suit. "I can't seem to get on the body stocking."

"Put it on like a pair of stockings."


"Hurry up I've still got to do your hair and the driver will be here in about an hour. Do you want a drink."

"Yes, let me have some of Uncle Buster's Fruit Punch Brandy."

"Strait up, with a chaser or mixed?"

"I need to get a buzz so I'll have it strait up with a chaser. I'm nervous."

"Nothing to be nervous about. It a group of good people out to have a good time."

"I'm still nervous."

"Don't worry you'll be among friends and I'll be there with you." Carmona said reassuring Rosland before going downstairs to get the drinks.

Rosland finally got on the stubborn body stocking.on and then put on the skirt. She looked in the full length mirror and though "It doesn't look bad. I look very sexy. I wish that Cliff could see me in this and maybe he'd want to have sex." She was depressed because she and Cliff hadn't had sex in weeks.

Carmona came back with the drinks and gave one to Rosland who was sitting on the bed. "Stand up and let me see what you look like."

Rosland stood and turned around so Carmona could see what the whole outfit looked like. Carmona commented "See I told you you'd like it and you look very sexy. The men will go wild over you."

"I don't know about the men going wild over me. I don't think that Cliff would go wild over me even if he saw me in it." Rosland sighed.

"Don't think that way. I think that he would think that you were sexy wearing that." Carmona said sipping her drink "You're depressed because you haven't had any in a long time. I felt like you for longer than I could imagine until I found The Green Door."

"Why didn't you keep dating some of the men that me and Julie would fix you up with?"

"I don't know. I guess I wasn't ready to move on with my life and now I am. Come on lets go into the dressing room so I can do your hair. You have such nice hair I wonder why you don't do anything with it."

Rosland laughed "Because I have a good friend like you to do it for me."

They both laughed, took their drinks and headed for the dressing room. Carmona had a whole beauty shop in her dressing room.

"I haven't heard from Julia today. Is she coming?" Carmona asked.

"No, I spoke to her in the driveway when she was on her way to work as I was coming home."

"I knew that she would find some excuse not to go."

"Well be both knew that when we had lunch the last time."

"It's too bad she could have used a break from Eric."

"I know."

"Did her mama find out that Eric moved in? You know how Ms. Smith can be when she gets angry."

"I know, I live next door to them. The last time her mama went off, the whole neighborhood heard her. I hope Julie tells her before she comes over and finds out for herself."

Carmona laughed "Yea you know Eric he'll come to the door butt naked if it will piss off Ms. Smith."

"Yea but when ever her mother goes off, it's the kids who suffer. It doesn't affect the older kids as much as it does Eli."

"I know Eli is a good sensitive boy. It's a wonder that he is so good at football."

"Cliff says he has potential."

"Cliff would know he's had what... three players go all the way to the pros?"

"Yes and he is proud of that."

Carmona finished doing Rosland's hair and handed her a mirror then pointed her to the ceiling to floor mirror that she had in the dressing room. "Now see with your hair done, you're a knockout."

Rosland looked at herself and her hair. "I do look sexy. I should take a picture and show it to Cliff."

"I don't think that you want to do that yet. Wait until after tonight. You'll wear it some place special with Cliff, then he'll appreciate it more."

"You think so."

"Sure. Once you wear it out tonight, you'll have more confidence in yourself and you'll wear the outfit again with Cliff."

"I don't know Carmona. It's football season and he rarely wants to do anything besides watch football."

"Trust me, one look and he'll be all over you. You'll have to beat him off."

The phone rang. It was the limo driver telling Carmona he was out in the front. "C'mon girl, the driver is waiting, we've got to go or we'll be late for the party." she said when she hung up.

They went outside where the driver was waiting with the door open for the women to get in. Once they were inside, Carmona got two champagne glasses and a bottle of airplane sized brandy out of the mini bar, opened the mini refrigerator took out two small bottles of champagne. She gave a glass and a bottle to Rosland. They opened their bottles. Carmona added some brandy to her glass before poring the champagne.

"You're putting brandy in your champagne?" Rosland asked.

"Yes, I love champagne and brandy. It's called a Wicked Bitch. You wanna try it, I have half a bottle of brandy left"

"I don't know I might make me more tipsy than what I am now."

"You ain't drivin' so don't worry about getting too buzzed. Go on have one, we're havin' a party."

Rosland was hesitant, she took the bottle and drained the rest of it's contents in her glass, then poured the champagne to fill the glass almost spilling some when the limo hit a bump.

"This is good. Why haven't you introduced me to this before?" Rosland said as she took a sip.

"I think that now is an appropriate time to introduce you to such a wicked drink. Tonight you're going to be a wicked bitch." Carmona said as she sipped a little and poured the rest of the pale golden fluid in her glass watching it turn light amber.

Raising their glasses in a toast "Here's to two wicked bitches!"

The glasses chimed as they touched and they both drained their glasses.

"You said that the club is exclusive and you need to know someone to get in, the other day at lunch, who introduced you to it?" Rosland asked.

"My friend, Violetta."


"She's a business associate I've known for years."

"You've never mentioned her."

"Well she's not like you, Julie and me close friends, we just go and party when our business is finished."

"This is a place where you can get your grove on."

"In more ways than one."

They laughed.

"Carmona, tell me, did you ever..." Rosland said not finishing her question knowing that Carmona would finish it for her.

"You want to know if I had sex with any of the men that I met at the club, right?" she said with a mischievous grin.

Rosland nodded.

"Not until my third visit when I met, Trevor, an absolutely handsome gorgeous man."

"Trevor, huh." Rosland smiled.

" Trevor Jones, loverexratornay."

"He was all of that."

"And then some, girl and then some." Carmona smiled remembering the night that she and Trevor shared.

"I don't know if I want to meet him. He might love me so tough that I'd want to leave Cliff."

"It's not love baby, just good sex. Trevor is there to provide you with perfect sexual experience no strings attached.". Carmona smiled " If Trevor is not what you like there's a buffet of men to choose from.

"A buffet of men, wow.!"

Carmona looked out the window, saw they were winding around the circular driveway to the front door of the Green Door Social Club. "Were here." she announced.

Rosland looked out of her window, saw the imposing old mansion and immediately got nervous. It reminded her of the Addams Family or the Munsters, not as rundown looking as their homes. The circular driveway was lined with tall evergreen trees making a natural fence, that keeps away prying eyes.

Rosland felt her stomach twinge, she was nervous. The twinge that turned her stomach into a knot was intensified when the driver opened the limo door. Feeling slightly dizzy from the drinks they had on the way, she grasped the driver's hand firmly, not to lose her balance. Carmona was standing on the curb waiting for her.

"I'm nervous. I'm going to throw up. I had too much to drink." Rosland said stepping up on the curb holding on to the rail.

Carmona took her hand " You'll be alright. We'll get some food in you and you'll be ok."

Rosland leaned against Carmona as they walked to the entrance. The door was a forest green with a copper patina door knocker. Rosland liked the door knocker. Carmona used the knocker to give three raps to the door.

A uniformed maid answered the door. Carmona took Rosland's hand and walked her into the foyer of the house. The maid motioned for them to wait, soon a handsome man dressed in a black suit came to greet them at the door.

"Are you both members?" he asked.

"No." Carmona replied "I'm a member, Carmona Richards and she's my guest Rosland."

"I'm sorry, I didn't recognize you Ms. Richards, I haven't seen you in a while."

"That's ok, Mitch, I haven't been here in a while."

" I want to say that you both look very lovely this afternoon. Were serving appetizers and early dinner in the garden." He said as he held out both arms for the women to take.

Rosland could feel the electricity in the room. She had felt nauseous but it had been replaced by excitement. Mitch walked them to a table in the garden.

"I'll be your server for this afternoon. Take your time and look at the menu. There is a table set up with some appetizers." He pointed to the table in the middle of the garden "If you'd like anything to drink let me know."

"Thank you, Mich. We'll be ready to order in a few minutes." Carmona replied "We'll what do ya' think?" she asked Rosland

"It is not quite like I expected."

"Wait until after dinner. That's when the action starts."

"You know, there are some handsome men here. You were right this is a buffet of men."

"And they are all here for you're pleasure."

Almost all of the women were dressed sophisticated sexy, revealing just enough to tease. The majority of the women were dressed in black. Rosland saw a woman dressed in a long black, sleeveless, backless dress, that made her look like she was floating from table to table.

Trying not to be obvious, Rosland nudged Carmona to look at the woman in the long black dress "Who is that?"

"Who is who?" Carmona turned her head to see who Rosland was talking about.

The woman was now approaching the table where they were "The woman coming over here in the long black dress."

"Oh, that's Juanita Levine, the owner of the club."

The woman came and lightly tapped Carmona on the sholder "Carmona, it's good to see you. I haven't seen you in a while. How long has it been?"

"Juanita, it has been a month since I've been here. You're looking well."

"I've been to Hawaii."

"Business or Pleasure, or a little of both?"

"Of course darling, a little of both. I see you've brought a guest." Juanita turned her attention to Rosland.

"This is my friend Rosland."

Rosland exteended her hand to greet Juanita "It's a pleasure meeting you."

"Like wise. Feel free to partake in whatever you like. You'll find that there are a lot of entertaining activties here. I'm sure Carmona has told you about some of them." Juanita said as she was leaving to go to the next table "Have fun ladies."

"After we eat I'll have Mitch take you on a tour. Now let's go and get some finger foods before our main course."

"Yea, I need something on my stomach becides alcohol." Rosland said as the go to the table with the appitizers.

As they picked out what they wanted to eat off of the appizer table, a handsome man walked up to Carmona and put his arm around her waist and gave her a nuzzled her ear. Carmona giggled and said "Trevor Jones."

"How'd you know it was me?" he laughed.

"I'd know your ear nuzzle anywhere." she smilled and turned arround and gave him a hug. She stood arms lengh from him "You look good, did you losse weight and do you still work out everyday?"

"No, I just toned up and yes I still work out everyday. Who's your friend?"

"Rosland, meet Trevor Jones, one of the most sexy men at the green door."

Rosland extended her hand and he kissed it "Pleased to meet you. I hope that we can spend the eveing together."

Rosland felt her self blush, her dark completion wouldn't show the warmth that she felt in her cheeks when Trevor kissed her hand. Trevor had unnerved Rosland so that she was unable to respond for a minute then she nervously replied "I--I'd like that."

"Well I'll see you ladies a little later." He smiled flashing a row of perfect teeth.

When Trevor got out of earshot, Rosland exclamed "That's Trevor! Damm he's fine. I was right he would make me want to leave Cliff."

"Honey don't get too carried away, He is not husband material, he's a hard dog to keep on the porch."

"I don't know."

"Trust me hon, he is not the marring type, he's not the live in type eirther."

"How do you know?"

"I herd from someone that he had a girlfriend that he was living with. They broke up because he couldn't be loyal. He still needed to work here and do his modeling."

"Their are plenty of male models who are married." Rosland said as she put the last of her food on the plate.

"Yes, their are but they might believe in loyality or they have an open relationship." Carmona said inbetween bites as they stroled to the table.

"You don't think that Trevor could be loyal? I think that he could if he had the right woman." Rosland said as they sat down at the table.

"It doen't matter he is just one of thoes Mr Right Now kind of guys,he enjoys it."

"I should know that you can't change people."

"You're right. As you tell me, people have to change themselves."

A woman in a long flowing flower print dress walked quickly over to Camona and Rosland's table then sat next to Carmona "Hi Carmona, I'm suprized to see that you're here."

Carmona jumped because she didn't notice her sit down "Violetta, woman you scared me."

Violetta laughed "When I saw Trevor talking to you, I was glad that you were able to make it. How did your meeting go with the Sonoma people?"

"They postponed the meeting to in the morrning. I'm flying up tonight. I thought that you had an out of town meeting?"

"That got postponed, gave me more time for pleasure, so I'm here."

"I like your outfit. It looks light and breezy." Carmona commented on her dress "Violetta, I want you to meet one of my good friends, Rosland."

Violetta extened her hand for Rosland to shake. "It's a pleasure. I hope that you'll like our little social club. I'm sure that you'll find some interesting things to do."

"I'm finding it very interesting already." Rosland replied.

"Well ladies, enjoy, Carmona call me later." Violetta said as she was walking away from the table.

"That is the lady that introduced you to this place?" Rosland asked.

"Yep, she's the one."

Trevor came to the table "I'll be your server for the rest of the evening. Mich had a special request and he asked me if I would be your server for the eveing."

"I think that you'll do nicely" Carmona said undressing Trevor with her eyes "We didn't get a chance to read the menu, so tell us, what is on the menu besides you?"

Trevor smiled "Juanita has two wonderful entries specally prepared for this eveing. I'll start with my favorite, medallons of fliet migion with mushroom and peppercorn sauce and Thai barbaque chicken. Each comes with a soup or salad."

Carmona picked up the menu, peeped over the edge and winked."Where on the menu are you?"

"Usually I'm on the desert menu, I'm versitle. I can be the main course.." he grined.

"Which one would you rather Trevor be Ros, desert or the main course?"

Rosland eyed Trevor like a tall thick dark cholate milkshake "I don't know Car, he looks more like desert to me."

"Me too, so I guess that we'll save him for the desert." Carmona winked at Trevor.

"Desert I shall be then. So what will you ladies have for the main course?"

"We'll have the fliet mignon and a bottle of Pinot Noir."

"Is medium ok for the fliet?"

"Yes." The ladies said in unison.

They watched Trevor walk. Rosland commentted as she watched him "He sure has a nice ass."

"That isn't his only ass-et."

They laughed.

Trevor served them dinner and dessert. After dinner Carmona and Violetta went and made their rounds to talk to everyone they knew. Carmona said it was marketing. Rosland was left with Trevor.

"You're quiet now that Carmona has left."

"I'm more talkitive when I'm not this drunk."

"Ah, so now you're easier to take advantage of, more plyable to my suggestions."

Rosland licked her lips "What suggestions do you have to make the eveing more enjable."

"Well there's the pool and the hot tub. There's always a party over there."

"Mitch was going to take me on a tour of the place. Maybe you can insted."

Trevor smiled stood up and reached for Rosland's hand "Alright, my lady let's go on our tour."

"Ok, lead on tour guide." She said taking his hand.

They walked through the garden and then they got to the pool area on the other side. The pool/hot tub area was large and surrounded by fragrant night blooming flowers. The sent of the flowers is an aphrodiac for her. She got closer to Trevor inhaling his sent. This fragrances blended to form a powerful aphrodiac. His arm is muscular and she couldn't wait to seet the rest of him.

Men and women were around the pool half dressed and some were completly naked. This shocked  and aroused Rosland. Trevor noticed her suprize seeing the people around the pool relaxing in various stages of nudity.

"Would you like to join in on the fun?"

"No, no, I don't think that I'm ready for that yet. I have to work up to that."

Trevor smiled "Have you ever been swimming in the nude?"

"I'd have to work up to that too." She laughed nervously.

He smiled and held her closer then whispered in her ear "I know something that I don't think that you have to work up to."

"What is that?" Rosland enquired wondering what Trevor had in mind.

Trevor kissed her on her earlobe. In his most seductive voice "I want to take you upstairs for a private party."

Rosland didn't answer right away. She had to weigh the consiqunces of her actions. This place was ment to have a good time. Cliff wasn't giving her what she wanted at home. Trevor was willing to give her the sex that she wasn't getting at home. Isn't what this place was about anyway, having fun with no strings attached.

She gave Trevor the best answer that she knew how. She kissed him on the lips and answered "I'd love to have a private party with you."

Trevor smiled. He held her face in his hands then gave her a passionate kiss. He took her hand led her back into the house and up the forest green carpeted starway.

Evening with Trevor

Rosland thought it took forever to climb the stairs to what Trevor said would be paradise. At the top of the stairs was a long hallway lined with doors. Each door they passed was a different shade of green. The door where they stopped, forest green, like the carpet. Trevor placed the key-card in the door and immediately a green light came on then Trevor opened the door. As they stepped into the room, the lights came on. They gave the room a soft glow.

The room carpet had large red flowers on a black background. The bar made of dark cherry wood, a black marble top with red streaks took up a wall on one side of the room. Rosland went and sat on the couch which was covered in a flower pattern that was the opposite of the carpet, red background and black flowers. Rosland thought that the room was sexy which added to her libidinous mood. The couch was plush and she sank into it as soon as she sat down and then she kicked her shoes off.

"Would you like a drink?" Trevor asked as he fixed himself one.

"Nothing alcoholic. I think I've had enough. Maybe some cranberry juice or something."

"You're sure that I can't talk you into anything stronger?"

"No. If I drink any more then I'll fall asleep on you."

Trevor laughed. "I don't think that I'm that boring."

"It's not that you're boring. That is what happens to me when I drink too much and I've been drinking since this afternoon."

"I'll tell you what, I'll have them bring up a pot of coffee, make you a Kahlua and coffee then you'll feel better."

"I don't know."

"I'm sure that you will. While we're waiting for the coffee, I'll give you a massage" Trevor said as he was calling to order the coffee.

After he placed the order, Trevor walked over to the couch and sat on the end where her feet are and began to massage them. Rosland moaned "That feels good. I haven't had a good foot massage in a long time." then she sank further into the couch feeling her muscles relax.

Trevor had moved from Rosland's feet to her neck and shoulders. She was feeling very relaxed when they heard a knock that caused Rosland to jump "It's probably the room attendant with the coffee."

Trevor went to answer the door. He took the tray with the coffee and placed it on the bar. He made Rosland a Kahlua and coffee. Rosland took the cup and smelled the coffee."This smells good Trevor."

"Wait until you taste it." Trevor said as Rosland was blowing on the cup to cool it off.

"It's good."

Trevor made small talk continued giving Rosland a massage while she drank her coffee " What kind of music do you like?"

"I listen to the smooth jazz station when I'm in my car."

"Is that the only time you listen to music, who's your favorite smooth jazz artist?"

"I've never thought about it . I like whatever sounds good."

"So whatever song strikes your fancy, that is what you like, right?"


"I'm going to put on some smooth jazz and I hope that you'll like it."

Trevor walked behind the bar, flipped a switch then the room filled with music.The first song she recognized the artist, N-Side. Rosland thought that his style of mixing spoken word with jazz was unique. She had some of his CDs She moved her head in rhythmic circles, relaxing to the groove of the beat and listing to N-Side's smooth voice blend with the background music. Trevor had good taste in music.

"So you like that?" he said as he walked back, stood behind her continuing to massage her neck.

Rosland finished her drink, then settled in to the massage that Trevor was giving her."Mmm..." she moaned leaning her head forward so she could take full advantage of his talented hands.

"You look uncomfortable. Would you like to get comfortable?"

"Yes. I have to go to the bathroom."

Trevor showed her to the bathroom. When he opened the door, the lights came on. The lights had a softer glow than in the living room this made the room look almost dark. "Can the lights be turned up a little bit?"

"Of course." Trevor made a point to squeeze by Rosland, in the doorway so she could feel how muscular he is. As he passed her, he could feel the heat that passed between them. "Why don't I stay and we'll take a shower together. I give my best massages underwater." he whispered pressing his body against hers in the doorway.

Rosland was weak for Trevor. "Well I have to pee first."

"Ok. do you want me to wait here or outside?"

"Outside." Rosland giggled.

"I'll be ready when you call." as he closed the bathroom door.

Rosland sat on the toilet thinking.I should stop now before something happens, on second thought, a lot has happened already. Then she said "The hell with it."

She stripped down, started the shower, turned down the lights, called Trevor then got in .

"You need assistance with your shower, my lady?" he smiled as he peeked through the steam in bathroom at Roslands nude silluette.

"Yes, I require your assistance. I have some hard to reach places .I need you to help me."

Trevor stepped in the shower joining Rosland. He got the soap out of the dispenser hanging on the wall. He worked the soap into a lather then he started soaping Rosland's body.

Rosland hadn't taken a shower with Cliff in a long time. She couldn't remember how long it had been. It must have been before the kids were born. Trevor's strong hands felt good soaping her body. When he began massaging her breasts with the soap, "Aha..." she moaned.

"You like that don't you?" Trevor said massaging her breasts dexterously.

Rosland could only nod. Lustfully Trevor kissed her, she responded with a sultry Kiss.

They moved around the shower kissing, touching, making each other moan. In the shower there's a mattress built in to the wall. Trevor maneuvered her on to the mattress continuing to indulge in their carnal desires.

They dried each other off. " You are one of the most attractive women here tonight. I'm glad that you chose me." Trevor commented as he admired her body.

"You think so. I thought that there were some women here who looked better than me."

"No, you're the most attractive woman here tonight." he said as he kissed her neck and wrapped the towel around her body.

In turn, Rosland wrapped the towel around his waist. "Thank you for the complement. You are certainly the most handsome man here. I saw how when you came in this afternoon, how the women turned their heads to look at you."

He smiled and steered her toward the bedroom. The light came on automatically. The lights were red and yellow, giving the room the glow of a fireplace. There was a king sized sleigh bed in the center of the room. Rosland ran and jumped on the bed. Her towel fell off as she started to run, Trevor whistled.

Rosland held her hands out to him "Aren't you coming to join me."

"Yes mam' , I certainly am." he took off the towel, flung back the covers then jumped in bed.

Trevor continued from where they left off in the bathroom. This lust session lasted until almost dawn. Rosland remembered, the sky was beginning to lighten then she fell asleep on Trevor's chest.

Morning After

There was a chime ringing. Rosland shifted restlessly in bed because of the constant ringing of the chime. "Cliff answer the doorbell."

There was no movement next to her. She slid her hand over to wake up Cliff to answer the doorbell. He wasn't there. She shook her head and looked next to her and was slightly disoriented then she remembered that she was at the Green Door in one of the rooms upstairs. She wondered where was Trevor and where was the ringing coming from. There was a light next to the bed that was flashing, she looked over and it was a telephone.


"Good morning. I'm Tina, your room attendant." the chipper voice said.

"Good morning." Rosland replied groggily "Do you know what time it is?"

"It's nine-thirty."

"Nine-thirty." when she repeated the time, her head started pounding "Can you get me some Tylenol, Tina?"

"Of course, or if you prefer Motrin. Would you like a carafe of coffee also."

"That would be wonderful, thank you." Rosland added I would prefer Motrin, thank you."

"I'll be up soon."


Rosland hung up then went to the bathroom where she saw her clothes in the same pile next to the toilet. She picked them up and started folding them when the phone chimed. in a hurry to answer the phone, Rosland dropped the clothes on the floor.

"Yes." Rosland answered.

"It's Tina."

"You're fast."

"Press nine and that will open the door, you don't have to get up I'll put the coffee on the bar."

Rosland pressed nine and the phone went dead. Soon she heard the door open and close.

Her head was hurting bad and she needed Motrin and a cup of coffee. She didn't get the robe that she saw on the back of the bathroom door, she just went nude into the sitting room. The carafe was sitting on the bar with the steam escaping from the top, next to it a small bottle of Motrin. She poured a cup of the steaming liquid and went to the refrigerator behind the bar looking for some milk to pour in her coffee. She didn't find any and she didn't notice the basket next to the coffee with assorted cream flavors. When she found the basket, she picked out the vanilla cream then poured it into the cup, watching the cream make patterns in the coffee.

After fixing her coffee, she took four of the tablets out of the bottle and gulped them down two at a time, finished her coffee and then went back to bed. A couple of hours later, the phone chimed again, it was Tina.

"Do you feel better?"

"Yes, my headache is gone."

"What would you like for breakfast?"

"What's on the menu?"

"We fix breakfast here to order, so you can have anything you want."

Rosland paused to think "Can you do steak and eggs?"

"Yes. How'd you like your steak and eggs cooked?"

"Medium and scrambled with a little cheese."

"Would you like to have hash browns or would you prefer toast."

"Wheat toast."

"Alright, you'll be served in a half and hour."

"Ok, I see you soon."

Rosland hung up and went to go and take a shower and noticed that her clothes were gone. She was alarmed then realized that Tina was so efficient that she probably took her clothes to freshen them up. Shouldn't go home with the sent of another man on me. Rosland thought. She turned on the water in the shower then sat on the toilet.

When the water was warm, Rosland stepped into the shower. She was careful not to get her hair wet and let the water bathe her in warmth. The headache was now gone, she felt relaxed, the hot water felt good. She wished that she could stay in the shower forever.

She got out of the shower, put on the robe and went out to the sitting room. She poured another cup of coffee, sat on the couch and began to savor the events of the past night. Rosland became restless, she walked over to the window, pulled back the curtain, staring out on the patio, started to think about Trevor. She couldn't get last night out of her mind. It was the best night of sex she had had in a long time. The chiming of the telephone interrupted her thoughts.

She walked over to the bar, looked for the phone, found it, then answered "Hello."

"It's Tina with your breakfast and I have your clothes too."

Rosland pressed nine and the door opened and Tina came in with a breakfast tray in one hand and a clothes hanger in the other.

"Would you like me to set up breakfast in here or would you like it out on the patio?"

"I'll have breakfast on the patio."

Tina placed the tray on the bar and handed Rosland the clothes hanger. "I'll set the table on the patio then bring up a fresh carafe of coffee. Would you like some juice?"

"Yes, I'd like some cranberry juice."

" Would you like me to send up some champagne too?"

Rosland laughed "No, I think that I've had enough to drink last night to last me for a while."

Tina left. Rosland went to hang up her clothes in the bedroom. She wasn't ready to get dressed yet. Roland wondered what would happen if she went out on the patio and ate in the nude. She saw that the patio was covered with vines with white blossoms. This made the patio smell like jasmine. Rosland wanted to take off her robe and eat in the nude. There's something refreshing about eating in the nude. She waited for the now familiar chime of the phone which signaled Tina's arrival with the coffee and cranberry juice.

When Rosland heard the chime, she thought, This girl is efficient. Rosland answered the phone "Tina, are you at the door?"


Rosland pressed nine opening the door. Tina walked in with the tray with coffee and cranberry juice and sat it on the bar.

"Enjoy your breakfast." Tina said as she left the room.

Rosland went to pour a glass of cranberry juice and cup of coffee. She noticed that there was a small envelope on the tray. There was no writing on the front nor the back. The envelope tab was tucked into the envelope.

"I wonder who this is from?" Rosland questioned out loud as she opened the envelope.

She read: I had a wonderful time last night. Sorry for not waking up with you this morning. When you come back, ask for me.

The note was signed with the single letter T.

Laughing while taking the envelope and tucking the tab back in then placing it on the tray with the juice and coffee. "I don't think I'll be back Trevor."

After enjoying lunch on the patio, Rosland got dressed. Once she was finished dressing she called Tina.

Tina picked up the phone after two rings "Yes."

"Could you call me a cab?"

"You can go home with our complimentary limo service if you prefer."

Complimentary limo service. Rosland thought then she answered Tina "Yes of course, I'd prefer the complimentary limo service."

"Hold on, I'll see if there's a driver available."

Rosland was on hold briefly then Tina was back "There is a driver available now, if you're ready?"

"I'm ready."

"The driver will meet you at the foot of the front staircase. It's to the right as you leave your room."

"Thanks Tina."

"My pleasure."

Rosland hung up the telephone and looked around the room for anything that she might leave. She remembered that she had left most of her belongings except for a small purse at Carmona's house.

Giving the room, her den of decadence, one last look, Rosland smiled and closed the door. She smiled, walking with a bounce, towards the front staircase knowing that she was fully satisfied. When she got to the bottom of the limo driver was there to greet her.

He escorted her to the limo, opened the door then said "I hope that you enjoyed yourself?"

She smiled entering the limo "I had a wonderful time."

After she was settled in the backseat Rosland took out her cell phone and called Carmona. The cell phone rang four times, Rosland thought that it might go to voice mail then Carmona answered.


"Hey Carmona, it's Rosland."

"Are you on your way over?"

"Yes. Are you at home?"

Yep, just got here about an hour ago. Have the limo driver to drop you at the side gate."

"Ok. How'd you know that I was coming back in a limo."

"It's complementary. Juanita uses limos because she doesn't want a lot of strange cars around the place, it attracts attention."

"I see. More discrete that way. Don't have any angry people coming around causing trouble."

"Most of her neighbors think she runs a bed and breakfast."

"What a bed and breakfast! Rosland exclaimed. "I'll see you when I get there. If the ride was as long when we were coming, I'm going to take a nap."

"Alright, see ya' in about an hour."

Rosland wrapped her jacked around her and settled in for the ride.

Afternoon with the Girls

Rosland woke up just as the limo was pulling off of the freeway. She gave the driver the direction to pull into Carmona's circular driveway and stop at the side door. He got out and opened Rosland's door. Immediately after Rosland got out of the limo, Carmona opened the side door. Rosland felt mysterious.

Not a minute went by after Rosland walked into Carmona's door, the phone rang.

"I wonder who this is?" Carmona asked the air.

"It's probably Julie."

"You're probably right." Carmona said as she she reached for the phone on the kitchen wall.


"Are you and Ros back already?"

"Yes Julie, we're back." Carmona said loud enough for Rosland to hear.

Rosland shook her head and mumbled " I knew it."

Carmona acknowledged what Rosland had mumbled and continued her conversation with Julie "So are you coming over?"

"I'll be there in a few minutes." Julie replied hanging up the phone before Carmona could reply.

"She's coming over." Carmona announced hanging up the phone.

"I figured that she would be over as soon as she found out we were back." Rosland said.

"I'm surprised that she didn't call when I got home I came home in a town car."

"She would have if she would have seen it coming. She must have worked a double shift and was sleep when you got home." Rosland gave an explanation of Julie not being over sooner.

"When I think about it, we didn't come past Julie's house when I came home. We drove up the opposite end of the street so we wouldn't pass your house or Julie's house. That's why she didn't see me when I came home."

"That would make sense."

There was a rapid knock at the side door. Carmona peeked out the window and saw, Julie.

She opened the door Julie came in and hugged Carmona and Rosland then sat at the table next to Rosland.

"So tell me ladies, how was your night." Julie asked.

"I slept well on the plane. I had a morning meeting in San Francisco this morning. How was your night Rosland?" Carmona asked with a mischievous smile.

Rosland smiled back "I had a wonderful evening and a wonderful morning."

Julie looked at Rosland and Carmona who were smiling like they were up to something. "Ok, you two spill. What happened last night? You did go to the Green Door last night?"

"Does anyone want anything to drink, I brought back a good red wine that the people I had the business meeting with this morning gave me." Carmona said as she was walking to a large box in the middle of the kitchen floor. "They sent a case, to seal the deal."

"I don't know. I've been drinking all night."Rosland replied.

"You've been parting all night so one more won't hurt." Carmona laughed


"Yea, pour me a glass, I've had a long day."

"You've had a long day already?" Rosland asked.

"Yea girl, Cliff didn't tell you?"

"No, I haven't talked to Cliff today. So what happened?"

"Mama and Eric had a fight."

"A fight? When? About what?" Carmona and Rosland said simultaneously as Carmona got the wine glasses.

"The fight was in progress when I got home. Mama and Eric were screaming in the driveway, cursing each other out."

"I bet that I know what the fight was about--" Carmona paused for effect "Julie didn't tell her mother that Eric was living there. Isn't that right, Julie?"

Carmona finished pouring the glasses of wine and sat across from Julie and Rosland.

Julie took a sip of her wine then replied quietly "Well I guess so-- yes."

"What did Cliff do?"Rosland interjected before Carmona could comment on Julie's answer.

"He took Eli over to your house then to football practice."

"Then?" Carmona asked taking a sip of wine.

"I got Mama in the house then Eric acted an asshole. He said that he wasn't going into the house unless that woman leaves." Julie paused to take a gulp of wine "I couldn't believe he called my mother that woman and ordered her out of the house,like he pays one bill "

"I hope that you told Eric that he could go and your mother was staying." Rosland said.

Julie took a swallow, drained the glass then answered Rosland " Yes that is exactly what I told him, he could leave Mama was staying." Then she refiled her glass and took a small sip.

"You go girl!" Carmona cheered and kinked Julies glass in a toast "It's about time you told him that he doesn't run things. I hope that he stays gone."

"Now you sound like Mama." Julie said as she sipped. "I don't want him gone. I just want hm to change."

"He has no reason to change if you keep leaving the door open for him." Rosland said.

"You're right. I've got to start showing him some tough love."

"No girl, you have to start having some self love. You can't do things to make people happy because most people won't be happy no matter what you do. That includes your mother and Eric." Carmona sipped " Don't accept Eric back until his comes back the way that you want him. If he doesn't then move on."

"Easy to say not easily done." Julie replied "Look in the mirror."

"Aaron was good to me, he took care of me and when he was alive, I had no worries. You can't say that about Eric." Carmona got defencive.

Rosland didn't want the Eric compared to Aaron discussion to get out of hand so she changed the subject "Let's talk about the Green Door."

"Let's." Julie agreed then asked Rosland " I gather that Carmona didn't stay and keep you company?"

"No I think that Rosland is a big girl and she could take care of herself." Carmona smiled and answered before Rosland could.

"I found a big hunk of man to keep me company."Rosland smiled "His name is Trevor."

"Trevor? One hunk of a man, eh? What about Cliff?" Julie smiled.

"Honey, that man put the F in F-I-N-E. He was a Hershey chocolate brown, light brown eyes, muscles popping out everywhere. I couldn't help but have that fine brown man keep me company all night." Rosland shifted in her seat and smiled, thinking about last night.

"So he was all I said he was and more?" Carmona said remembering her times with Trevor.

"Everything I could imagine. We had sex all night. I can't remember when the last time me and Cliff had sex all night." Rosland had to take a drink. The memory of last night with Trevor aroused her.

Julie took a sip "I should have went with y'all yesterday instead of going to work. I would have avoided the drama this morning. I could have used some sexual healing."

"I'm curious Ros, when was the last time that you and Cliff had sex all night?" Carmona asked.

"I don't know. It's hard for me to remember the last time we had sex period." Rosland replied.

"So you needed a little sexual healing, the kind only Trevor can give." Carmona said "No strings attached, just a little good dirty fun." It's better than Las Vegas because what goes on at the Green Door truly stays there."

"At lest with me that is where it is going to stay." Rosland affirmed "Trevor sent me a note this morning, he said when I come back I should ask for him. I bet he writes that note to all of the women he sees."

"I don't know, I didn't get one and I've been with him more than once." Carmona laughed.

Rosland and Julie laughed too.

Raising her glass, Rosland proposed a toast " To the Green Door, a girl in needs best friend."

"I'll drink to that." Carmona clinked her glass against Rosland and Julie's..

"I don't know but I'll drink to it anyway." Julie said as they took a sip.

"Would you recommend this to your clients." Julie asked Rosland.

"It depends on if they could keep a secret." she replied.

"So, you're not telling Cliff?" Julie said surprised.

"Why would I? It would only hurt his feelings and serve no purpose. I'll take what I learned about myself last night and apply it to our marriage." Rosland replied.

"What did you learn about yourself, Miss Rosland?"

"I leaned that I like having sex and having it all night long. I like being the aggressor." Rosland proudly reported.

"I think you had too much to drink and lost your mind. Carmona you shouldn't have left her alone there." Julie said.

"Sis Rosland was able to handle herself. She didn't need me." Carmona said annoyed with Julie.

"Well I say that you should have stayed with her anyway. She wouldn't have done anything with you there."

"Carmona couldn't have stopped me from doing it. That was the purpose of going there was to explore myself, see what I could learn about me." Rosland defended herself "Julie that is why you should have gone."

"It doesn't matter. A girl needs a few secrets." Carmona said winking at Rosland.

"I don't know. What if Cliff finds out?" Julie asked.

"Who's going to tell him, you Julie?" accused Rosland.

"No, but you never know who saw you there." Julie said.

"Julie, I'm not going to tell, you're not and neither is Rosland." Carmona said setting all of Julie's childish questions.

"I'm not going to tell even in a fit of anger." Rosland affirmed. She looked at her watch "I've got to go it's already a quarter to five and Cliff will be home soon. I'm going to go and change my clothes."

"You should go home looking fabulous like you do now. Give him a shock to his system." Carmona laughed.

The fight conversation was consuming and Julie didn't notice what Rosland was wearing. "Rosland!" Julie exclaimed when Rosland got up to change her clothes "I've never seen you dressed like this, mini skirt and what -- a see through body stocking! I can't -- believe, Rosland! . I don't think Cliff has ever seen you dressed like this."

"He hasn't, not in a long time. I think that is about time that he has." Rosland replied as she turned to change her clothes.

When Rosland left the room, Julie asked Carmona " Do you think that it was a good idea for her to go there with you."

"For a woman who is shacked up with a man, you sure have some strange morals."

"What makes you say that?"

"Because, you judge when you have no cause to. Leave it alone Julie. If I thought it was a bad idea, I never would have suggested she go there so just leave it alone. Next time I go, you should consider coming with me. I think that it will do you a lot of good."

"We'll see."

Rosland came back dressed in the clothes she left home in and she was holding the bag that Carmona gave her the outfit in.

Julie commented " Now that is the Rosland I know and love. What's in the bag?" she said pointing to the bag in Rosland's hand.

Rosland ignored Julie's comment and responded to the question "It is the outfit I was wearing." then she announced "I've better go. This is the first time in a long time I have been away from home overnight."

"I'll walk you home." Julie said.

"So you're going to leave me to drink alone?" Carmona pouted.

"I'm sure that you can find someone to keep you company." Julie said.

"I don't think that I'm in the mood for that kind of company. I'll just finish my drink and go to bed. I'll see you girls tomorrow." Carmona said opening the door to see them out.

Julie and Rosland gave Carmona a hug and a kiss.

"Thanks for the wonderful evening. It was an experience." Rosland said before leaving.

"And thanks for the wine and the nagging. I know you mean well." Julie added.

"Go home you two, see ya' later." Carmona said as she closed the door.

Julie and Rosland walked down the driveway toward the sidewalk.

"You really don't feel gulity about last night?" Julie said.

"Why should I? You feel gulty for me or is it something elese?"

"I don't know. It just doesn't seem right, Cliff being a good man and all, not like Eric."

"Sometimes good can be boring. There's got to be a balance. I've got my balance now I can go and be good."

They arrived at Roslands side kitchen door which was accross from Julie's driveway. "Well go in and be good." Julie said hugging Rosland.

"You go in and think about your situation. Maybe you need a little dirty/bad in your life. Next time when Carmona gives the invite go."

"What about you? Are you going again?"

"I don't know, I don't think so. Last night was a one time experence for me but you never know."

"Yesterday's history and tomorrow's a mystery." Rosland said as she moved her purse and the bag further up her arm to unlock the door.

"You're right girl, yesterday's history and tomorrow's a mystery." Julie replied and waved then walked toward her house "See ya' tomorrow."



Evening with Cliff

Rosland opened the door and sat her purse and the bag on the counter by the door the looked out of the window of the door to make sure that Julie got home safely. Then she noticed the smell of meat broiling on the indoor grill and heard the buzz of the ventilation fan above the grill.

"Cliff!" she called walking closer to the dining room/den area.

No answer so she called walking further into the dining room."Cliff"

He walked up behind her, touching her lightly on the shoulder "Hey."

Rosland jumped and clutched her chest."Dammit man! You scared me."

He laughed "Didn't mean to scare you baby. Meant to surprise you."

"If you call giving me a heart attack a surprise, then it worked." she replied sinking into the couch in the den.

He went and kissed her on the forehead "No, that's not the surprise I had in mind. I was going to cook dinner for you. I would have had dinner ready earlier but I needed to talk to Julie's son Eli."

"About the fight?"

"So you heard about it already?"

"Yep. Julie came over as me and Carmona came back and she told us the whole story."

"That's a sad situation" he turned the meat causing it to sizzle.

"It is." Rosland got up and went to change clothes

"Hey, where are you goin'?"

" To change clothes, I wore these on the plane."

"You look alright to me." he patted her on her butt as she walked by him.

"Hey, hey watch those hands mister. My husband is a jealous man." she smiled.

He waved the long barbecue fork in the air like a sword "I will slay the rogue!"

"Slay the meat, mister." she giggled.

"I've got an idea, why don't you take a nice long bath then when you're through dinner will be ready. How's that sound? I'll even run the water for you."

"The bath idea is great. You stick to the cooking and I will be finished when you're done. How's that sound?"

He grinned "Hurry back now."

She smiled and left and he continued to cook their dinner.

Rosland felt a sight twang of guilt. Rosland sat on a chair next to the bathtub and turned on the water. While waiting on the water to get hot, she wondered if the slight twinge of guilt was because of her adulterine behavior or is it a reaction to Cliff cooking dinner for her, something which he hasn't done in years..

Waving her hand under the water to check the temperature then pouring the bubble bath, she said out loud but not loud enough for Cliff to hear "Shut up, Julie! You're not going to make me feel guilty for last night." then she stopped having those feelings. After all, this is a rare occasion, Cliff cooking..

After adjusting the water temperature, she stepped into the frothy, flower scented water. Submerging herself under the water is when she felt all of the bad feelings go away. She emerged from the water a new person.

She sat in the tub for a few minutes more contemplating if she should put on the outfit that she had on last night. Drying off, she put on body cream, spritzed with after bath spray, put on her robe then went into the bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed then feeling a chill, she pulled the robe tighter around her. Her thoughts went back to Trevor. She shook her head then said "It was a one night stand and now it's over."

Feeling sexy, she went in the kitchen, avoiding Cliff by going through another door, she retrieve the black bag with the outfit she wore last night. Quietly she went back to the bedroom to get dressed. She hoped that she wouldn't have the struggle that she had with the body stocking that she had yesterday.

She just put on the body stocking and the skirt. Grateful that she didn't have to fight with the body stocking she inspected herself in the full length mirror in the bedroom. She was sexy. She upbraided her shoulder length hair and combed it out.

Before leaving the room, she inspected herself once more before joining Cliff. She took her finger and licked it pressed it to her butt, made a sizzling noise then declared "I'm hot!"

Now she had a new pep in her step and almost skipped to the dining room. She stood at the doorway peeping into the dining room with most of her body hidden by the door.

"Did you go and get sexy for me?" Cliff asked when he noticed her peeking behind the door.

"I don't know. You want me to come out and you can judge for yourself?"

"Come on out, baby. Let your sweet loving daddy see how sexy you are."

Rosland giggled. Her and Cliff had not had sexy conversation like this in years. She was enjoying teasing him.

"Ready or not here I come." Rosland said coming out from behind the door.

Cliff let out a long whistle "Come here sexy mommy." then he held out his arms.

Rosland took a running start and jumped into his waiting arms then gave him a long sensuous kiss.

"Oh, baby." Cliff moaned recovering from Rosland's kiss "I'm going to have to send you off with Carmona more often."

Rosland smiled and giggled "Ok, I'll go."

Rosland and Cliff started kissing again. They moved from the dining room to the couch in the den. Cliff struggled to get the body stocking off. Rosland stopped him from ripping the thin material. "Here let me take it off."

Rosland stood and slowly took off the body stocking. She was completely naked. Cliff looked at Rosland as if he were seeing her naked for the first time.

"Why are you staring at me?" Rosland said noticing that he was staring at her body.

"I'm staring at you because I've forgotten how sexy you are."

Rosland went and sat on his lap, took off his shirt and kissed him on ;his chest "I haven't forgotten how sexy you are." then she loosened his belt and unzipped his pants.

"What about dinner?" Rosland asked as she played with his chest hairs

"I'm not hungry any more. What about you.?"

"I could go for another course of you." she smiled.

"I'm down for that." Cliff said as he took her hand to lead her into the bedroom.

Rosland took his hand and they went off to the bedroom to continue their sexual feast.

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