The Confident Young

 This is a short poem about a group of young people who i seen today walking about together and they all had a confident, purposeful manner about them. Other people seemed to be looking at them as if they were thinking ' i wonder who they are?' So this is just a few lines about that.

 The Confident Young


The confident young walk always in groups

Popular, smiling, bright, in control.

Are they going out to a meeting, or are they just going out

Advancing through this world. Pleasing all they know.

Never break stride. Never avert a gaze.

Confident because

they know it is all theirs.

Is it the latest fashions? Or fashionably out of style.

People will come to copy them. All through their lives.

All smiling. All chatting. All loved. Always.

The uniqueness. The brightness. Shining like the stars that they are.

No signs of fear.

No signs of nerves.

Everyone who comes to know them.

Trusts them. Loves them. Will do anything for them.

The confident young stride on.

They only know that they do their best.

Unaware that they are almost perfect.



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CMCastro profile image

CMCastro 6 years ago from Baltimore,MD USA

I feel that this would describe my daughter in a sense, because she is strong willed and knows what she wants. I call her a trooper, because she has great potential to achieve her highest goals. On the year before her expected graduation from her college program, I await with a smile that all her hard work has paid off. And waiting in the wings is a young gentleman who is my son, only 2.5 years younger. I hold my breath patiently to see what life will bring him (boys are different from girls). What he is confident in I expect to be his goal in achievement. Bravo for the Younger Generation!

michael ely profile image

michael ely 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Hi CMCastro, Thanks a lot for reading and commenting on this. Much appreciated.


Ashantina profile image

Ashantina 6 years ago

I really like this Michael. What a breath of fresh air for you to recognise beauty in these people who happen to be young! Makes a change to hear someone say something positive about young people!! Hoorah :)

michael ely profile image

michael ely 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Hi Ashantina, Thanks a lot for your comments here. They are much appreciated.


attemptedhumour profile image

attemptedhumour 6 years ago from Australia

Hi Michael, this is a great piece of work. So vivid and so generous of you to be moved by other people's fortune. That group impressed me too so vivid was your description. Well done this is class.

michael ely profile image

michael ely 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Thanks a lot for these comments attemptedhumour. It is really great to read these words from you. Much appreciated.

Cheers. Michael.

b. Malin profile image

b. Malin 6 years ago

Very interesting take on the Confident Young...I don't know if I was ever that confident, and underneath it all, I don't believe that they are either. I think most of this generation, is Beautiful, lots of Electronics to keep their world going by oh so fast...but Happy? Too many pressures...But you give them a nice spin, very enjoyable read. I look forward to following you!

michael ely profile image

michael ely 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Hi b. Malin, Thanks for reading this Hub and for commenting on it, and also thanks for following me.

Cheers. Michael.

Winsome profile image

Winsome 5 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

Hey Michael, this could be a picture of the new year in contrast to the wizened group of grim reapers at its end. I think this is the way I always see my kids. Thanks for the picture. =:)

michael ely profile image

michael ely 5 years ago from Scotland Author

Hi Winsome, Thanks a lot for reading and commenting here.

Cheers. Michael.

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