The Conspirators - Chapter 2

"Maxine Thompson?" The man in the black suit sat down in a plush chair across my table.

"Max, please." I sip my espresso, wiping the whipped cream off my mouth with the back of my hand. "And your name? Momma told me not to talk to strangers." I shoot him a smile. His face stays blank and unreadable. I swear I saw the corner of his mouth twitch.

"Mr. John Doe." I nearly spit the chocolate heaven out of my mouth. Was this dude for real?

"You're not being serious, are you?" I scrutinize him and wipe my mouth again.

"Of course not. But call me Mr. Smith. And that only, young lady." My mind was torn between slapping him and really, really liking this guy's attitude.

"Okay. Now we can talk. But seriously-" I glance at Will as he stands by the drive-through window, talking to some honest brats from school. The queens of the school, pretty, popular, and rich. Very rich. "-what do I owe this pleasurable visit from the strange not-so-stranger?" I look back at the mystery man.

"I believe you have heard of the movie spies, like James Bond and Salt?" He tilts his glasses down on to his nose, like a chliched librarian.

"Phshh, of course! Who hasn't nowadays?" I wave my hands in the air, summoning my acting ability.

"And the CIA?"

"Uh-huh." I stare him down. "What are you getting at?"

"We need to talk to you about some very important matters." Important matters? Right now, they included my racing heartbeat, my growing adrenaline, my date with my current love, and the fact I really needed to go to the bathroom. The coffee justs goes right through you, I guess.

"Like what?"

"I'm sure you are quite familiar with the unfortanate incident of 9/11, and the terrorists surrounding it, correct?"


"The Kennedy assassinations?"


"Lincoln and Garfield? McKinley?"


"And are you familiar with the touchy concept of conspiracy theories?"

"Yes! What are you getting at, Mr. Smithy?"

"I am a CIA agent. A spy, I guess you could say. I put terrorists and other opposing spies to bed at night."

"And?" I carefully concealed my interest and curiosity. I guess acting workshops do help when you don't think they will.

"Why don't you go home and bring your mother with us on a little drive?" I gulped. Seriously?

"O-okay. It'll take me a while to walk, though. And you'd better make it quick-" I glared at him and glanced back at Will, who was watching me. "-because I have a date with someone special tonight."

And with that, I got up and walked out the door, slinging my lacrosse bag on my back and grabbing my espresso.

So I started to walk back. When I got to the first crosswalk at an intersection, I heard a car behind me and turned around. Shocker- the weirdo from my uncle's coffee shop. I sighed and looked up. At least I wasn't wearing my cleats. The light was red, so I sprinted across the crosswalk and vaulted over a decorative wall, chucking my coffee into a trash can. It was empty, anyway. I continued to sprint until I reached my house and slammed the door shut behind me, hearing it lock upon impact. I swear that car was still behind me, although I thought I lost it at the light. My mother came rushing to the door wearing an apron and holding a wooden spoon. I wanted to laugh and cry. I ran to her and hugged her.

"Mom, I-"

"Hush." She gave me a minute to catch my breath.

"T-there was this man at the coffee shop, and he followed me here. He says he's a CIA agent, and-"

Just then, there was a knock at the door.

And you could just guess who it was, couldn't you?

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bluejay900 profile image

bluejay900 4 years ago

OOOOOOOH, continue the story PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! so good:D

blackwolf_1337 profile image

blackwolf_1337 4 years ago Author

Haha yes, I intend to, Bluejay.

Alex 22 months ago

I cane2€™t believe it, its alsmot 2007 and you guys are still at it. At least we Jews give you something to talk about. Here is the idea again: Work means among other things conscious purposeful control of technology/energy especially energy created by fire which includes electric energy. On the seventh day we sit back from the wonderous technology that humanity has created (using our God-given brains during the other 6 days of the week) and enjoy it. Is that really so hard for you to understand? We done2€™t light fires and we done2€™t turn on or off electrical applicances or traffic lights e2€” NOT EVEN INSIDE OUR ERUV! Non Jews are not bound by these particular laws so if you, a non Jew, pushes the button for your own needs I can also cross with you (but I cane2€™t ask you to do it for me). The detectors being described would not work so far as I know (but Ie2€™m not a Rabbi). There is one sort of exception e2€” one can create new life on the Sabbath (I think ite2€™s a blessing to do so) but thate2€™s not really a technology creation.I realize that some view adherence to a set of religious laws as being silly from their perspective (you probably laugh at all sorts of things that are different from you e2€” thate2€™s known as intolerance and has been a plague of humanity forever_ but am a bit surprised that you e2€œrationalistse2€9d never seem to be able to fathom the logic behind the rules which are really extremely self consistent.when it comes to saving a life or self defense when it obligated to save a life and take any and all steps to do so. This over-rides any specific prohibitions of the Sabbath and is part of the general law that one must try to keep Gods Sabbaths , plural, that is live to keep the next Sabbath.Carrying in a public domain is prohibited on the Sabbath but most forms of work are forbidden whether inside or outside the Eruv. One can flush the toilet but not an electric toilet. This can create a problem with toilets that flush based on one walking away from the toilet.Buy the way, the concept of the Sabbath is considered by many to have been something that has helped keep the Jewish people together throughout the centuries which means its not so much that Jews keep the Sabbath but that the Sabbath keeps the Jews.Happy secular New Year for those of you who celebrate the bris (circumcision) of Jesus, born on Christmas and circumcised 8 days later as is the requirement for Jewish male children from before the time of Jesus till the present day.rlee

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