The Conspirators - Chapter 3

Mom walks over to the door casually. I want to start crying, I think I’m going insane. I’ve always heard of childhood kidnappings, but why would a stalker/poser/super-secret-name-guy follow me home? Why?

“Mom, please don’t open the door. Please.” I mutter silently as she opens the door with a wide grin like she always does to everyone, unless it’s the police.

“Ah, hello, Mr. Smith. I assume you’ve met my daughter.” Mom smiles, and I collapse in the hallway pretty quietly. Mom knows this creep? How? Did they work together? Or-gasp-maybe they went out in high school! Ahhhh! “Come right in.” She’s so friendly; they must have met before. Wierdo-creepy-guy follows my mom to the computer/sitting room, and he sits on a couch. I stop peering around the doorway as Mom starts walking to the kitchen upon a tea request. Tea? Dude, you were just at a coffee shop. Although it does cost more there…

“Honey, where’s the tea?” I hear mom call. Without thinking, I run to the kitchen and grab it off a shelf, handing her a bag.

“Mom, how do you know that guy?”

“Oh! We’ve been talking about you together for a looong time.”

“Like exactly just how long?”

“A month or two?”

“Oh. So he’s not your-“ I stop short. “Nevermind. Can I go shower?”

“Sure, just quickly, since Mr. Smith wants to talk to you. By the way, how’d your game go?”

“I bet Mr. Smith would like to know, too.”

“Oh, yeah, why don’t you wait for us both so you don’t repeat yourself?” I thank her and run upstairs. Always thoughtful, always mom. I strip and jump into lukewarm water, turning the cold water up all the way, since I’m still sweaty from my game and my unexpected run. I shower quickly, then go get dressed and dry my hair. I’m wearing cord shorts (they were on sale), a One Direction graphic t-shirt (I love Niall), and a light blazer, unbuttoned. Then I brush my hair straight-down, and walk out of my room. Mr. Creep finishes his drink and, ever so gracefully, motions me into the room. I plop into a chair. No use being formal. He seems slightly annoyed. Max: 1 Smith: 0. Yesssssss.

“So what’s the deal, you chasing me home, then showing up in my living room?” I say, rather frank. I stare him in the eyes, channeling my courage. He stares right back.

“We have an invitation for you.” I burst out laughing. We? Who’s we? More laughter. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m giggling uncontrollably. This day is unbelievable, first Will, now Mr….. what’s his name again? I keep laughing. It’s just so funny that I can’t remember his name! Ha! It must’ve slipped my mind not too long ago. Heck, I’m laughing because I feel absolutely GREAT! Ha! Haha! Hahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is so hilarious! I collapse onto the floor, faintly hearing whatever-his-name-is urgently speaking to my mother, I think about me, over the sound of my own laughter. They sound pretty frantic now, and that’s just HI-LARIOUS! HA! I think a few more illiterate thoughts as my mind slips into insanity, and my world blacks out.

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Haha you're quite welcome :)

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