The Conspirators - Chapter 4

I slowly stir, first only seeing a blinding light. I slam my eyes shut. Then I blink a few times, and find I'm looking at a meticulously lit ceiling. I smell nasty antiseptic, and my stomach starts churning. It feels rather empty. I'm starting to think I'm in a hospital. I try sitting up, then take a glance around the room. All white. Like an insane asylum.

They're probably not far off the mark.

I keep attempting to recall the last few hours, but all I recall is going home after getting coffee after a badly beaten lacrosse game. Then a strange man, perhaps... Mr. Smith?... followed me home... that's all I can recall. I feel dizzy, then suddenly my world goes black.





"126.9 pounds." Ugh. They make me sound heavy and fat. I'm really not, I just have more muscle mass than most other girls do. By now, I've been listening to these two annoying voices conversate for about two minutes.


"Asthma and frequent headaches."


"No." I decide to start talking, and my mouth is like a desert.

"Hey, one of you two geniuses mind getting me water? Or maybe food?" I open my eyes and glance at them. A female holding a clipboard and a tall man who looks scholarly. Nurse and doctor, respectively. They look slightly startled, like I'm a zombie coming back to life.

"So you're awake." The man turns to me.

"Yup, and I don't enjoy people talking about fodder like my weight." The man motions to the woman, and she leaves, hopefully in search of a meal.

"We apologize, we figured you wouldn't wake up for at least another hour."

"I have some questions. And you'd better answer them; I'm not in the mood for a re-run of Grey's Anatomy." He looks somewhat taken aback, then straightens himself and clears his throat.

"I may have answers. Shoot." I sit up on my white bed. Better hope Tom's not visiting.

"Where am I?"

"In a hospital."

"Who are you?"

"Doctor McCleenen."

"Sounds Irish."

"Not far off."

"Where's my mother?"

"Coming down the hallway."

"And Mr. Smith?"

"With your mother."

"Can I get some food?"

"When the nurse comes back."

"That's all for now." Just as I finish, my mother comes in with my favorite recurring friend. My mother runs over and hugs me, and I return with more feeling. I don't think I've ever been happier to see her in my short, short lifetime.

"Hey mom." I say, wanting to burst out crying, except for the fact I'm pretty sure I'm so thirsty I have none. I glance at Mr. Smith, and my mother backs up. "Yo, dude." I flash him a random rapper sign. The corners of his mouth tweak up slightly. Max: 2 Smith: 0. A thought pops into my head.

"Mom? Where are Ollie and Sierra?" My two siblings. "And Dad?"

"All staying back in the house. They're safe with a few friends." I let out a sigh of relief. The nurse brings in a tray of food, and all of us eat. I'm probably the most enthusiastic about the whole thing.

I guess at this point, you can probably completely guess what's going to happen next, or not expect it at all.


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