The Cost of a Life

Emotions can run high after the suicide of a child



“He cost us the farm,”

He finally said,

“With medical bills since his youth

Probably five hundred thousand or more

That’s it, that’s the god’s-honest truth

Those bruises and bumps

Those sneezes and coughs

Those scrapes and repairs to the knees

The stitches and band-aids

And cavities filled

He was costly to keep in one piece

Then the hundreds of bills

For the thousands of pills

He ingested to try to be free

Of the aches and the pains

In his bones and his brain,

Oh, yes, stacks of them for all to see

And the cost of his presents, and food and the gas

And his schooling and clothes and all that

The investments that could have paid off,

Yes, indeed, in a life that was more than just crap

No job, no profession, no more than his books

And his writing and photos and pain

And depression and panic and studies and art

And attempts to start over again.”

Now he’s gone, really dead

Put a gun to his head

Although he would rather have stayed

For he felt life was better than shooting one’s self

But not if it’s lived in a cage

Still it came as a shock

That he left with a shot

It was quite a surprise that he died

He walked out with a wave

To a quick, early grave

Lying flat, with one arm by his side

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agaglia profile image

agaglia 7 years ago

Hey. this is pretty good. I liked it. there is some truth and a bit of humor, i think. good job. : )

Eleven13 profile image

Eleven13 7 years ago Author

Thanks. :-)

I've been concerned at times that this might be a bit too intense, or seem insensitive. Glad you "got it!"

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