The Cycle Of Innocence Re-Emerging.


The Cycle Of Innocence Re-Emerging.....  

Innocence always
re-emerges from
whence it was born.

The young virgin

who loses
her innocence
to love's passions
soon swells with the joy
of more love forthcoming,
and finds that
innocence lost
is now returned
back to from
whence it was taken.

As it's head emerges
cresting from the labia grips
she understands
the price of sacrifice
to give of one's
self completley
and in giving up

most precious
she is also
being granted it back
ten fold in return.

From the maidenhood
pierced and shredded
to the motherhood
blessed and

joined forever.

Of course a

cord is attached to
this innocence reborn
and must

also be severed
to complete the cycle
of innocence regained
and yet removed again
then held

once more in

swaddling clothes
within one's arms
to draw out

the purest love

in the presences of
 a babies charm.





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