The Dark Forces Series: Scary Books to Terrify Teens in the 80s

The Doll

Does anyone else remember this book? I read several in the series, but this is the one that creeped me out and made me sell my china doll collection. It was about a teen named Cassie, who is traveling with her father to fairs to enter into the doll contests. Cassie collects rare dolls. She has a boyfriend who also travels the fair circuit. One night, while they were walking through the fair, Cassie spotted a doll that she had to have. She begged her boyfriend to win it for her. It was a game where you had to pop balloons with darts. I only remember that because I remember Cassie's boyfriend was having a difficult time winning it, and something "possessed" Cassie to take a dart and throw it at the worker's leg.

Well, If you read the book back in the day, it's probably all coming back to you now. It was really quite scary. Lots of demonic possession stuff. Think Exorcist meets Chucky.

There were 15 Books in the series. Some were far better than others, but they were all guaranteed to make the reader sleep with the lights onplays with a Ouija board and gets possessed

  • The Game--You'll never mess around with a Ouija board again.
  • Magic Show --This one involved an evil ventriloquist dummy. "Who are you calling dummy?"
  • The Doll -- Very well written. A definite creeper.
  • Devil Wind --Who would've thought that even something as simple as a whistle could give you goosebumps
  • The Bargain --Just how far will they go for fame and fortune.
  • Swamp Witch
  • The Curse -- A trip to the museum and past-lives revealed.
  • The Companion
  • Eyes of the Tarot
  • Waiting Spirits
  • Unnatural Talent
  • The Ashton Horror
  • Beat the Devil
  • Blood Sport
  • The Charming

Found some similar scary books

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Debra McKee 4 years ago

Oh my goodness!! I loved these books!

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