Poem: The Darkness


A cloak to conceal
everything around
to hide the largest object
and uncover
true emotions

Some fear it
some don't care
but I love it
when it wraps its arms around me
and calls my name

A place of serenity
to uncover my true identity
where no one can
see the tears
and blood

Torn skin and silent screams
only hurting myself here
but it's my friend
with outstretched arms and
spidery fingers

Touching me stroking me
I feel nothing of its presence
I know it's there
like death
at a graveyard

No one can hear it
no one can smell it
no one can taste touch
dream or even
see it

It's my friend always there
never judging me
it knows my strengths
my weaknesses
the real me

Then I turn towards the light
I stop and look around
most politely
it begs me to stay and
"keep away from devil's world"

Why did I write this?

To be completely honest, I have no idea (this was written last year). I was in a dark mindset at the time, and I was thinking of all these creepy monsters around me (like imaginary friends). They even appeared in some of my artwork I did as part of an art assignment in high school. I imagined them as written in the poem, with long spidery fingers. I am reminded of JK Rowling's dementors from Harry Potter, as I do have an odd fascination for them.

I remember at the time seeing lots of posts around the internet about self-harming, suicide and depression, and that must have impacted this poem heavily, at a very subconscious level. It is written from the perspective of one of these people, where the light (the hope) does not exist. They are torn to try and get better or to stay in the horrible headspace and just try to live with it. However, it is not the only option they have, as the end of the poem suggests that there is a light for everyone, no matter how faint this light seems.

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mother knows best profile image

mother knows best 4 years ago from Dearborn, MI, USA

I like it :) it reminds me of a pantoum(form of poetry) I once wrote in high school. Your's is more of the dark side of things. I believe I have it posted in my hubs if you'd like to compare and see if you see the similarities as well as the differences.:)

mother knows best profile image

mother knows best 4 years ago from Dearborn, MI, USA

Sorry I realized I didn't have it posted yet... posting it now... it'll be called The true canvas.

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