The Diary of a Sane Woman.

The Diary of a Sane Woman

They listen to me, they hear me

in addition, the see me for whom I am.

I am educated , funny and provacative,

highly motivate to the point I sense your inner thoughts,

I am not a philatelist,

or never understood the fundamentals of philharmonic

or even understand the stages of metamorphosis

I became the adult before the butterfly.

and I never applause adultery

somehow I was told that I walked before I crept

my tears dry up before it rolled down my face,

I am always on the opposite side of life.

The elements allows me to be the ruler of my heart

without underestimate the real me.

Words like nutcase,cuckoo, weirdo, and fruitcake,

is not apart of my vulculbary.

my sins would never be recorded,

therefore, why should it be?

I am not being bombastic,

but sincerely wonderful

from a clinical point of view

My tears refuses to bring the ocean to another level

its reflection anguish me.

as you turn each page in my diary, with great anticipation,

do bare in mind that sense and sensibility,

were created from the great minds of the sane and insane.

folks like you and I.

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Cogerson profile image

Cogerson 5 years ago from Virginia

Very nice...I enjoyed looking into the mind of a sane woman...very nice ...voted up and awesome

hillrider profile image

hillrider 5 years ago from Mid-west United States

Came to read and say hello. Keep up the good writing girl...

Rhonda Waits profile image

Rhonda Waits 5 years ago from The Emerald Coast

Very nice indeed and I enjoyed reading your diary. Rated up awesome.

Sweet wishes Rhonda

Darknlovely3436 profile image

Darknlovely3436 5 years ago from NewYork Author

thank you Cogerson, hillder and Rhonda for commenting , might be two month late but thank you guys anyway.

mikeq107 5 years ago

So in short you never existed :0)

Darknlovely3436 profile image

Darknlovely3436 5 years ago from NewYork Author

yes i am who i am i am here... and throughout my trials . I refused to be defeated.. (:)

thank for supporting my work

One love Annie

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