Difference Between There Their and They're

Why I am writing this hub......

 Nothing in this world could irk me more when it comes to grammar than the misuse of these words. There, Their, and They're. People are so frequently getting it all wrong! So I'm here for the absent minded people, to explain to you the proper meanings and how you should use them!

Starting with They're

 They're is a contraction for They Are.

For example : Let's use it in a sentence. They're working hard this week. Can also be translated into : They are working hard this week. or They're playing outside. Or translated They are playing outside.

See, not difficult!


Secondly let's try : There

 There is used as an introductory subject is sentences with "There is" and "There are". It is also used as an adverb of place meaning "in that place"

For example : There are many people in that room. Or There are a lot of houses on that street.

And lastly : Their

 Their and There are often used incorrectly. And often in place of each other. Case in point. My sister and I were writing back and forth the other day on Facebook when she informed me (and I quote) "the girls are now cleaning there room, and I'm now the worst mother in the world"

When she should have used the word Their. (This writing back and forth was what prompted me to share this hub with you)

So let me explain the meaning of Their.

Their is a possessive pronoun. Meaning that "they" have a specific quality, or that something belongs to them.

For example : Their house is located at the end of the street. Or Their room is a mess.


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cosette 6 years ago

...not to mention "ensure" for "insure", "effect" for "affect", and confusing "its" with "it's"...

nice hub, straight to the point!

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