The Downside Of Hair.

a good example of hair gone wild  on a not yet: ghost of things to come
a good example of hair gone wild on a not yet: ghost of things to come

The Downside Of Hair

As one gets older,
hair vanishes
from the head
as if in retreat,
and makes a long
exit from the
nose and ears.
Most folks at seventy
are not feeling
all that plucky
so they begin to
resemble a Chia Pet.
Eyebrows get incredibly bushy
like two dead squirrels
running across a forehead.
Moles suddenly sprout
single thick hairs
like antennae,
on each wizened alien of youth.
All this settles
not so neatly
into a wheelchair
as time folds flesh
into accordion wrinkles.
They say after death
hair grows on.
One can just imagine
all those tufts of hair
still extended from
nasal cavities,
and the ear cavities on a skull,
plus the huge caterpillars
that mark where the
no longer worried brow once was.

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