The Dragons of Chiril

A Review

The Dragons of Chiril by Donita K. Paul

Verrin Schope a master sculptor in Chiril unbeknownst to him used a foundation stone to carve three sculptures. Tipper his beloved daughter after Verrin disappeared years before has been selling his sculptures in order to sustain the family’s lifestyle in his absence. Then one night after her mother had ventured to her aunt’s, Tipper was visited by her father, was it her imagination or was he real? She enlisted the help of her friend and local magistrate Beccaroon a giant parrot. The next night with Beccaroon present she waited for her father and like he promised he returned. He has been visiting her mother through the mirror in her room. This was a gateway between worlds and different areas of Chiril. What her father had to tell her was frightening and wondrous at the same time. The three statues have to be reunited before her father disappears and the realities of her world disappear forever. With the help of her friend Beccaroon, a wizard and a librarian (brought threw the portal with her father). Tipper will travel to different lands and meet a variety of people and creatures along the way in order to reunite the foundation stone.

Donita has masterfully woven this tale with such vivid imagery you will lose yourself into the world of Tipper and her friends. This author has gone to extra lengths to give her reader the opportunity to enter the world of Chiril by offering a glossary of terms in the back of the book. Here she gives you descriptions and definitions of the characters, creatures and even the food and plants that are part of Chiril. I recommend you read this area first, then when you read the story the character’s and surrounds will pop into your imagination like a colorful movie and you the captive audience.

Find a comfortable chair because like me once you open this story you will finish it in one sitting. This story moves with such fluidness that you will lose track of the reality of time until you’re done.

Note: Waterbrook Multnomah has given me this publication free for this review.

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