The Drums of War (can you hear them?)

As I wandered
I saw a row of signs
The first one said

Thou shalt not kill

The second one said

Thou shalt not kill

The third one said

Thou shalt not kill

It was not God speaking
It was my conscience
Because I know it to be true
It was endless
Each sign
Saying the same thing

Thou shalt not kill

Yet we do
And we live with it
We live with the killing
And we hear the drums
Of war
It is happening
And we are helpless to stop it
It will happen
In a land far away
Is this why you are not afraid?
Is it because you know you will survive?
As will your children?

Thou shalt not kill

Yet we do
And we will
As will they

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Comments 3 comments

Berga profile image

Berga 4 years ago from SKIEN

so true...unavoidable end of the corrupt world...

i pray -Mercy, mercy on us Holy God...

always exploring profile image

always exploring 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

I am afraid this is true. Will we ever learn?

Teylina profile image

Teylina 4 years ago

Berga and always exploring both said it fine: let's face it, a corrupt world will always be at war-- the drums will always be there, until a power strong enough to stop them intervenes; not sure we have any humans with that power.

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