The Earthlings Cafe.


The Earthling's Cafe.    

"T H E   E  A  R  T  H  L  I  N  G ' S   C  A  F  E "

 *Hours- 12 years of age to 104 daily....enjoy your stay!
 *payment: the Master's card is welcome

Welcome to the
"Earthling's Cafe"
where the menu
holds the hours
of your nights and days
plus the many ways
you will consume
your alloted time here
enter with reservations
and much forethought  
table all doubts
as you face each course
laid out before you
by wiser hands
only those who are
at the age of accountabilityTy
can digest this fare
Throughout your
entire visit here
with all of the earthlings
who share this space
you will be tantalized
with endless unlimited options
to carefully pick from
life is a platter
full of delightful delicacies
but it also holds
the spoiled and the rotten
and it is what
you select that determines
the outcome and
the price you will pay
you may opt to choose
the bitter and poisonous
items and infect, or
inflict the consequences
of your poor choices
on others around you
or you can daily pick
sweetness joyfully served
to devour and share
with fellowmen always
Angels offer these
platters of goodness
as they wait patiently on you
with food for the heart
created by God as
the host of
"The Earthling's Cafe."
but demons also spike
each plate fate
sets before you
with tempting but
evil and distasteful grub
in a test of your freewill.
you must choose wisely
from the smorgasbord
of decisions tendered
for each one contributes
to your well being,
or sadly stains the
lapels of your souls.
    ©-MFB III

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Ralph Deeds 7 years ago

Good advice.

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