The Ending - Chapter 1

I still remember how the world looked before it broke out in war within itself. Beautiful, except for a few things like global warming and pollution. Crime rates were somewhat low, and people lived in peace, for the most part. Then it happened. A crazed Polish scientist started kidnapping innocents and children as fodder for an experiment larger than anything the world had ever seen. His experiments were altered somehow, and things quickly got out of hand. So to help fix the problems, he kept the experiments under close control and trained them. Many of the altered beings ended up as assassins or spies, but others were still uncontrollable. Variables. He didn't like that. So instead of letting the experiments attempt to lead a normal life, he had them hunted down and killed, one by one.

I am the next to die.


I wake up to soft light streaming through the window, dancing across my afghan. Stretching, I stand up and walk to the window, welcoming the summer and all its warmth. Out of nowhere, I hear a beeping sound coming from the other side of the room. My senses on edge, I creep over to the source of the annoying noise. Letting out a sigh, I flip my phone open.

"Bonjour?" I disguise my voice and answer.

"Bonjour, Alexandra." I'm relieved as I hear my, uh, friend replied. I'm not exactly sure if I can call him my friend, more so probably a guide.

"Glenn! Quel est le problème?" Immediately, I scan the room and begin throwing my few belongings into my backpack. I quickly dress and continue the conversation.

"Alex, get out of there, now. The situation is worse than I thought." No sooner did he finish, I heard a pounding knock at the door.

"Bonjour?" I force myself to keep my voice calm.

"Sortez immédiatement. Vous êtes en détention fédérale." A burly voice sounded from behind the flimsy wood.

"Aller mourir dans un trou." Evidently, I had struck a nerve. The man wasted no time in breaking my door that I had JUST replaced YESTERDAY.

"Come ON! Can't you just use the doorknob?" He growled and swiped at me. I dodged easily, as he was heavy on his feet and majorly unbalanced. I kicked his chin and ran to the window, taking a sharp breath. Then I jumped out the 4-story window and began my fall into southern France.

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blackwolf_1337 profile image

blackwolf_1337 4 years ago Author

I plan to change the picture soon and replace it with a drawing of mine.

JosieLee profile image

JosieLee 4 years ago from New Mexico

Good start. can't wait to read more.

blackwolf_1337 profile image

blackwolf_1337 4 years ago Author

Thank you!

MarcoPolo123 profile image

MarcoPolo123 4 years ago from Mason, Ohio

wow great work.

dadibobs profile image

dadibobs 4 years ago from Manchester, England

Very good start. Keep going!

iggy-kun profile image

iggy-kun 4 years ago from United States of America


seems coooool great job

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