The Fae

 The  Fae

The flittering of gossamer wings
the tinkling of spriteful laughter
the playfulness of childlike youth
the energy of a dynamo running a town
the beauty hard to describe justly
the wisdom of times ageless sages
the size  of an insect or a human
the innocence of a child at birth
the guilt of an adult through life
the nurturing of the mother earth
the spite of a scorned person
the seriousness of an elder one
that joy of a newlywed couple
the love of a dear close friend
the sadness of one whos lost it all
the anger of one that is ired
the calmness of one that is serene
these are all aspects  and traits
that belong to those of the fae

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Rev_dr_vamp_goddess 6 years ago

I love this --very good work!

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