Skills In Writing That A Writer Should Posses In Becoming A Writer


In the beginning of your exciting journey in becoming a writer, admitting to yourself that you are a writer is a good start. You will not be called as such just by creating articles or creating novels. You will be called a writer by living how a writer does things in his everyday life.

In this article or hub, I will be providing some tips or should I say basic skills that a writer should posses in their pursuit of becoming a writer both as a profession and a vocation. I encourage you to read more to know the traits of a good writer. By knowing and possessing such traits, admitting to yourself that you are a writer would be easy. You might even be surprised that you already possess such traits. If not, well there is still time to know and to learn what a writer should possess.

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Passion can be described as an intense emotion, enthusiasm, or desire for something. In this case, I specifically say the passion or the intense desire to write which can be considered as the drive that brings out the fun in writing.

A writer creates his works not for money or not just to be famous. He creates his works through the leisure of his time and writes to bring out the fun from it through the use of his imagination. This is a way to show people their innate talent when it comes to creativity. Passion can also be described as anything that you do that you greatly enjoy. No matter what you do if you are not enjoying what you are doing, there is no passion involved in it.

Loving your work is not enough to say that this is already passion. Allow me to demonstrate an example by comparing the difference between a “job” and a “career”. A job is a work that you are required to do where as a career is your vocation. Therefore, by becoming a writer as your career consider writing as your vocation that leads you to your passion. The more passionate you are, the more you enjoy your work as a writer. You get a sense of satisfaction on the things that you do even you are not greatly rewarded with it.

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Creativity on the other hand can be described as inventing something that has value. It is considered as an ability of an individual. Creativity can be associated with resourcefulness since it works hand in hand with each other. Being resourceful and coming up with ideas using your limited resources is an example of being creative.

Creativity is a writer’s number one arsenal when it comes to writing. A writer is creative in nature. Everyone has their own talent when it comes to creativity. Creativity can be enhanced through certain activities. There is a famous saying that “Practice makes perfect” solidifying the theory that creativity as a talent can be enhanced. You can notice a writer by having a pen and paper ready with them at all times. This is because every time an idea pops up from their mind, they write it down in order for them not to forget the idea that comes out from nowhere. This happens even when they are not sitting in front of a table and facing their work space. You can be called a writer if you can create something out from your imagination. Make sure that this work of art is original and comes from the heart of a people who loves to write.


Devotion can be described as a strong attachment to what you are doing. To make it more simply, it is a strong dedication to the things that you do. Another definition of devotion in writing is a writer’s commitment to the art. As a writer, it is really required to devote some of your time in writing especially in the creation of your work.

Writing needs to be a priority. Always keep in mind that writing is one thing that you cannot live without. Spending time alone in writing or creating your work is already considered as devotion. Let’s face it, writing really takes time and this is caused by thinking what to do and how to do it when you are in front of your writing space. Therefore, if you know what to do and how to do it; this will lessen your time while still having your devotion to writing. This can be done by having a pen and paper ready with you at all times in the event that an idea pops out from your mind if you are occupied in doing something else. After gathering all the ideas that you have come up with that is listed on your work pad, all you have to do is to combine it and create your own piece of art. Writing is not about the time and the works that you have finished. Not even the effort that you put into. It is about the fact that you enjoy writing and spending time doing it because you love doing it and you are attached to it.


Pride can be described as a state of being proud. Being proud of your work is a good achievement and should always be in a writer. No matter how your work comes out you must be proud of what you have done and what you have accomplished. Pride is also a writer’s way to show other people how beautiful writing is.

Be proud that you are a writer every time you meet other people. People might brag that they are an engineer or a doctor, but nothing beats the great creativity of an outstanding writer. A writer touches people’s hearts through their work. They take people away from reality and make them forget their problems. They even motivate people to strive and fight the hardships in life. Never underestimate the power of becoming a writer because a writer’s worth is measured through the works that he has done and through the wonderful things that he is about to create.

Take pride in what you do especially with your created work. Engineers may be good in building houses and infrastructures as well as doctors that build broken bones and curing people. But creating novels or stories is not that easy for them. Therefore, be proud in your work because novels and articles are not an easy thing to do. But in a writer’s point of view, this is easy as pie!


These are some of the traits that a writer should possess and this is already present in some other people. They just have difficulty admitting to their selves that they possess the qualities of a good writer. There are certain traits that are not included in this article. But in the event that you have any ideas what traits to be added to help people in admitting to their selves that they are writers, why not try to create your own article of traits that a good writer should possess to solidify that they are good writers.

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