The Forgiving Heart

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I heard a voice from around the corner,

The more I turned it seemed further,

I kept walking with my head to the ground,

Until I heard a distinctive sound,

And in the wind I heard a voice say…

"Pick your head up"

I turned around almost in denial.

Until I heard the voice say "pick your head up" Child.

I continued to walk away, but in the wind I heard a voice say…

It's me your Papa,

Coming back from the dead to apologize,

For letting others believe my lies,

When your cousin said that I was touching her,

She was telling the truth,

But yet they all failed to believe her and it worked in my favor,

Tell her I said to walk with her head high,

Don't let this world fold in because of my lie,

I came back to make things right,

Because the man upstairs won't let me rest,

Until I had my time to confess.

I need u now more than ever, to tell your cousin that I love her.

So my dear child keep your head up high,

And tell everyone that I said "Hi."

I stood there standing with great emotion,

Confused a little bit,

But understood his devotion.

So my dear cousin if you can see this now,

Just know that I know the truth,

And if you read this, that it's absolute!

That I love u and I always did believe you.

But was too afraid of what it would do.

You’re the stronger one,

Stronger than me.

It's sad… all the shit that we've had to see.

I love you!

Written by: Jlono

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kaceybabe 5 years ago

This was a touching piece i only know the misery that must have been felt. Sometimes to hold your head up you need a hand to guide you through the dark. really good read, thank you for sharing

ROMANCER OF LIFE profile image

ROMANCER OF LIFE 6 years ago from Honolulu, Hawaii Author

Thank you Phoebe I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for reading =-)

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Phoebe Pike 6 years ago

This is a really nice hub to read. I love the picture you used too.

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