The Futile Struggles Of Our Flawed And Fallen State: Watching And Filled With Pity

I wrote this many years ago:

He didn't understand addiction

until he was alone

and far from home.

He didn't understand the blues

until she did it to him.

He had seen the picture

and had read the placard.

When it happened to him

he was glad he had what it took

to get away.

What was left

was nothing much;

just a body with a soul

that craved release.

He knew way too much

so could talk to few.

Most things delved into by others

he knew to be untrue.

So then,

it's just a matter of time;

too long a time

unless a spark alight something new.

What is there new

except a repeat

of what was thought to be true

Saw a guy today with a ring

through his nose and one through his lip.

He couldn't change the world

so he thought he'd change himself...

though he didn't understand it

In this way.

He was just a dumb guy.

Saw a young nymph today

with her juices flowing.

But who is she fooling?

Saying she's looking for a nice guy

when all she wants is a good *&^%

The new world order

looks much like the old.

The truth once known,

In time, was not told.

And there she is at forty five

looking for Mr. Right

but he was there just last night.

He won't come again.

He dreams of company

and of being alone;

just one more beer

and he'll go home.

Buddha says your attachments

cause your suffering

with which I can't disagree.

And then there's Jesus with outstretched arms

saying "Come To Me."

They were both good guys.

He says he can't understand her

as he downs another drink.

The nature of the skunk

Is to, in times of trouble, stink.

Herein lies the answer.

A leopard cannot change spots

no more than a zebra can change stripes.

There's your answer.

The Sirens sounded lovely

and we know the result.

Yeah, music soothes the savage beast

and opiates one into sophisticated stupidity.

Tree branch fell on my car the other day

but I knew it didn't do it on purpose.

I knew it didn't.

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Missing Link profile image

Missing Link 19 months ago from Oregon Author

Thanks Larry! I hope you are doing well!

Larry Rankin profile image

Larry Rankin 19 months ago from Oklahoma

Excellent description.

Missing Link profile image

Missing Link 19 months ago from Oregon Author

Hi Missy,

Thank you very much for checking out my hub and for your kind words.

Best wishes!

Missy Smith profile image

Missy Smith 19 months ago from Florida

I liked this. You have a great perspective on how you see things and people.

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