The Galago


The Galago, a poem

When I was younger, I worked at a zoo one summer. Every day, I'd pass the cage of a Galago or bush baby, and I couldn't help stopping for a moment. Its eyes were huge and made it seem so vulnerable, even safely tucked away in a cage.

Recently, news about the unfortunate fate of many exotic animals that are raised inappropriately for pets made me think of that Galago again. Its wide vulnerable eyes. And that became the inspiration for the following poem.

The Galago

Two large and limpid eyes

Swivel with the neck

and peer

at staring faces

groping hands

"How cute,"

"Does it bite?"

A docile pet

and yet...

Dim memories of a hollow log

muddled ball,

entwined limbs and fur and swollen tails,

unwinding to meet the growing dark

hairless ears quiver erect

gathering sounds

rustling foliage

piercing screams

eerie calls

heavy blackness laps

luminous eyes mark and leap

fusing fingertips to bark

The jungle

static with movement and smell

earthy mold and rot

sweet ripened fruit and blood

The feel of home


paws slide over

cold aluminum

bars stripe every look

dark is creeping

A small tame face lifts


a cry

a baby's cry

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tirelesstraveler profile image

tirelesstraveler 5 years ago from California

Beautiful poem. Always wondered what a bush baby looked like. Did Spielberg take his idea for Yoda from the Galago? Yoda looked cute, but personally fit the Galago.

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