The Genie has no more wishes

You found me in a dark place

all covered with dust and mud

Worn and tarnished by abuse and misfortune

Just waiting for a little drop of love

You polished me and cherished me

Until all rust was gone

You cleaned me up and rub the rough edges

And placed me in the sun

You looked inside and found that I was

the most valuable gift you could own

So you took possession of my bottle

And made me the center of your home

I gave you three wishes just for your love

what things would make you complete

You decided that you wanted to be immortal

So I gave you three little legacies

You thought maybe financial security would

give a push in life

So I stood by you and supported your dreams

and wish number two gave you sense pride

Now you are successfull and your legacies complete

What would be wish number three

You seem to have all you need

Your ego took over and you looked outside of me

You ponder and wonder what in the world

could make you feel like you have it all

So wish number three was to get rid of me

and find someone else to love

poof I'm gone and you get a new one

to enjoy all that I gave

The euphoria you feel is only short lived

and you begin to call out my name

For all you received from wishing on me

begins to fade away

How can you have wish one and two

When wish three took the wish-master away

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thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

terrific great reading thanks

kkbunnylover profile image

kkbunnylover 6 years ago

nice poem (comment on me

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