The Good Old Drive

The beat up old red pick-up truck

Sits in my Grandpa's yard

He said that we could fix it up

If we did, it would be hard

He gave us both a bucket

To wash it first, like new

Once we got the dirt off

Real problems came to view

It was missing 2 back tires

The front grill was rusted off

We climbed inside to take a look

Dust made us cough and cough!

It had a steering wheel that worked

The rearview mirror was there

The blinked stick moved up and down

The broken window let in air

It's hard work to fix a truck up

When you're just 4 and 5

But we'll work hard and pretty soon

Oh - the places we will drive

I'd like to drive to Paris, France

My brother said that's grand

But when he's in the drivers seat

We'll go to Disneyland

In our imagination

We travel near and far

Today we have an old red truck

Some day we'll have a car

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proudgrandpa profile image

proudgrandpa 7 years ago from Charlotte, NC

Hello Moneylove,

I am that grandpa and I did have a black version of that very truck on our farm that I used to take the kids down to the creek for a summer swim. The memories include giggles and gasps (The mountain creek water was cold).

Thanks for the memories. neil

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