The Gutting Of Mankind.

The gutting of mankind!



would not
a messiah be
welcomed in the
Middle East now with
open arms, and a chestful
of explosives ignited
Alas you see it was
the simpler times
when the world
was a sleepy
place of
mud huts
tall temples
and followers
of the miracles.
It could only have
ever have been then
when all hopes were
put in place to battle
against man's free wills,
but the will is strong
and frees so very few,
and many die in the
pursuit of a
and blame God.

He will return soon

like a thief in the night

stealing all that is precious

and leving only chaos

for what need does he

have of those who

mocked him or

his existence

or used him

for ill gotten gains

in his namesake.

they will be part

of a gutting of mankind

they will be the waste

that is left behind

and suffer

the rotting

of thier




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