The Industrial Town

Wire Cages

Blankets of snow cover industrial

banks which cover nothing.

Soot covers banks of river

that flows dark and murky,

through soot covered banks.

that wind 'round industrial plants.

empty of people covered with soot.

Filling all banks with nothing.

Smoky, steel riveted boxes idle with

mesh grilled windows flap shut.

Speckled asphalt grows wild carrot,

chicory pokes through too.

Long fences sway 'round

abandoned out source,




boxes from entry.

Gold tooth pimp man leans thinly

on Joker Club wall.

Picks teeth clean

with black-eyed woman's

door key.

Blankets of snow cover

industrial banks.

Banks that cover nothing but

empty riveted boxes with

mesh grilled windows flap shut..

Ravings of a Black Widow

Poetry Selection by Makwawai 2010   

East Side - Flint, Michigan - The State Streets                                                                                            


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