The Japanese Entertainment: The Oddity and Hilarity

Nokabe (Brain Wall) Japanese Game Show

When people think of Japanese entertainment, they usually think of the random and ridiculous, and that is partly true. Sorry, really true. There is no where else in the world that you'd see a game where a celebrity is forced to stick her head in a lizard tank with a piece of meat on her head or where they have to play to avoid getting hit with a metal bin.

Morning Musume (girl Idol Group) in Batsu (Punishment) Game

Often in Japanese Entertainment it's all about making fun or laughing at the celebrity. This is tied to the Japanese cultural idea of humility. It's kind of like the citizen's mischievous revenge on celebrities. Makes you think twice about being a celebrity.

There will often be quizzes that lead to punishment games (the usually funniest part of the show). Pies to the face, metal pans on the head, certainly test the human pride. The reason for the oddness? 1) no one is going to watch a regular show no matter how much they love their celebrities 2) If that celebrity is going to advertise something, they're going to have to pay the price.

It certainly pushes the edge of ridiculous, but it definitely tries harder than American reality TV.

So rather than keep telling you how funny it is, I'll show you. Here are only few of the many many examples. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Batsu Games- Famous duo Downtown

Arashi no Shudukai

Human Tetris

In fact the weirdness of the Japanese game show was the main feature of a reality TV show "I survived a Japanese Game Show." Didn't do that well in ratings, but it was rather funny.

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