The Jurists...........

Number one sits in the corner babbling away her
anxieties, children, job , the judges clothes
And four sits at the head of the table aloof
questioning the conscience he knows
and lady justice holds her breath

The clerk arrives with pizza boxes
a straight face for unknown reasons
The guard waits on a stool with
a wand to keep away the demons
and lady justice holds her breath

Its nine o'clock in the evening the room
cools down some more
Everyone has stopped talking ........and looks
longingly at the door
as lady justice peaks beneath her blinds

The staples fall out of the instructions
the trial takes on a new meaning
Emotions come to the surface
as the guard on the stool nods in dreaming
I swear the statue in the corner shakes her
head beneath the blinds
and almost drops the scales
among the scattered minds
as justice awaits........
Hung jury ........

I wonder where the term hung jury came from , although after the trials ...... and serving on the juries , I am beginning to come up with my own meaning.............:-}

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Vincent Moore 4 years ago

Wow I loved this piece, you defined Hung Jury very descriptively. I felt the tension, I could see them on in that setting. "and lady justice holds her breath" right on and almost dropped her scales as well:-0 Excellent, excellent VOTED UP and up some more. Bravo my talented scribe.

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 4 years ago Author

Vincent my good man ! How are you , ahhh it was frustrating to say the least, I am told however , thats just how juries are. Got home at almost ten pm.....Thank you for sharing this itty bit of frustration poetry!.....:-} Be careful out there on the road !

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 4 years ago from Jamaica

This is great! It almost took on a sensual note. I loved it Ahorseback.

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 4 years ago Author

Hi Cardisa my sweet Jamaican poet, it wasn't much fun but it is interesting!.......Glad it picqued your sensuality. Thank you as ever !.....:-}

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

Voted up! Had all the drama and tension of the hung jury!

DexisView profile image

DexisView 4 years ago from New England

I recently had a similar experience as a juror. I love people watching and could feel myself sitting back taking a visual of the room as you described it. Nice job!

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 4 years ago Author

Gypsy Rose , yes , quite the dilemna, I have come to the conclusion juries don't work!}

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 4 years ago Author

Dexis View ,hello!, Oh me too !as to watching people . Its amazing how diverse the oppinions can be , I find myself dissapointed , I always wanted to do jury duty but find the Human nature side of it far too unreliable. Thank you in sharing!....:-}

raciniwa profile image

raciniwa 4 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

Hung Jury...this poem takes me back to the novel of John Grisham the Runaway Jury...intensive...

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 4 years ago Author

Raciniwa I have not read that ! It Sounds great though, I love to read ....Thank you for sharing this.:-}

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