The Last Rose Of Spring (A Poem)

To you

who would win


The Last Rose of Spring,

Who slapped your face

and called you a fool,

not knowing the passions

of this peculiar world-

if the sound of this song

should happen your way

the last rose of Spring

says " good bye"...

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littledog 2 years ago

don't understand the poem but I Grok it. You dig?

Wrath Warbone profile image

Wrath Warbone 2 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio Author

It's personal, littledog. I am the only one who understands it. Thanks for reading it, though.Well,l it was like this. I am the last rose of Spring. I got in a fuss with someone who kicked my butt when I was young. Old and still smarting I thought I'd explain to the person after all these years it was just a case of "young on dumb" on my part. Now that I am 62 and ready for the big star ship in the sky to beam me up one day, perhaps soon, well, there you have it and "good bye." I spotted a similar title here that says "Little Flowers Grow Up," but I did not read it.

Dave Katz 2 years ago

I really like this poem. It is good word economy and yet still allows the message to come through. Reminds me of when I took "tragedy"/drama in college English.

Wrath Warbone profile image

Wrath Warbone 2 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio Author

Thank You, Dave Katz. I agree it is a little better technically than most of my others and I am glad you caught that, especially since I don't have much training in poetry appreciation; just English 101 and 102. You pick up but a few small points there. I could have chosen the poetry version of 103 but got pulled away. Oh well. Thanks again.

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